48 Overview to A/R Reports

This chapter contains these topics:

48.1 Objectives

  • To assist in reviewing and managing A/R information

48.2 About A/R Standard and Analytical Reports

To effectively manage your accounts receivable information, such as customer account balances, you can print the following types of A/R reports.

  • Print standard reports

  • Print analytical reports

48.2.1 Why Would You Print Standard Reports?

Print standard reports to review and manage open A/R balances and aging information for:

  • All customers

  • A specific customer

  • A parent company

  • A specific category code

  • Multi-currency amounts

48.2.2 Why Would You Print Analytical Reports?

Print analytical reports to review and analyze information about:

  • Totals by customer, pay status, and parent/child accounts

  • Open amounts by customer within a specific business unit

  • Credit and collections, such as unresolved matters

  • Customer totals by a specific G/L account