25 Print Receipt Information

This chapter contains these topics:

After you enter, review, and post receipts to the general ledger, you can print receipt information for proofing, balancing, and so on.


From Accounts Receivable (G03), choose Manual Receipts Processing

From Manual Receipts Processing (G0312), choose an option under the Receipts Review and Post heading

25.1 Printing the Receipts Journal

As an alternative to reviewing receipts online, you can print the Receipts Journal. Generally, it is easier to view receipts online. However, if there is a balancing problem, the printed journal can be a more workable format for detail review.

The processing time for this report is related to the amount of history retained in the A/R Ledger table (F0311).

You can set up your own version for more specific selection of detail. For example, you can select a specific batch or batches to print, or you can select batches for a specific user.

If you are using Enhanced Subledger Accounting, this information displays on the report. See Work with Enhanced Subledger Accounting in the JD Edwards World General Accounting I Guide for more information.

25.1.1 Before You Begin

  • To print tax information on the report, you must change the Maximum Form Width field to 150 on the Printer Overrides form.

25.1.2 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Multi-Currency The multi-currency version shows the transaction currency and both foreign and domestic amounts.

Figure 25-1 Cash Receipts and Adjustments Journal report

Description of Figure 25-1 follows
Description of ''Figure 25-1 Cash Receipts and Adjustments Journal report''

25.1.3 Processing Options

See Section 103.5, "A/R Receipt and Adjustment Journal Report (P03311)" for more information.

25.1.4 Data Sequence for Receipts Journal

The system prints the transactions in the following mandatory sequence:

  1. User ID

  2. Batch number

  3. Batch date

  4. G/L account

  5. Company

  6. Address number

  7. Payment/item number

The totals on the report depend on this exact sequence. If you modify the sequence, you must also modify the totaling logic of the program.

25.2 Printing the Receipt Deposit Journal

To review all payments received and processed as of a specific batch date or range of batch dates, print the Receipt Deposit Journal.

This reports lists information from the A/R Ledger table.

25.2.1 Before You Begin

  • To include the bank's address and transit account, set up the necessary information in the Address Book system and on the Bank Account Information form.

25.2.2 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Multi-Currency The totals per G/L Bank Account will not print if you specify more than one currency. Totals are meaningless if currencies are mixed.

Figure 25-2 Check Deposit Register report

Description of Figure 25-2 follows
Description of ''Figure 25-2 Check Deposit Register report''

25.2.3 Processing Options

See Section 103.6, "Receipt Deposit Journal (P03408)" for more information.

25.2.4 Data Selection and Sequence for Receipt Deposit Journal

Changing the data selection can cause unexpected results.

If you set up a new version:

  • The G/L bank account should be the first item in the data sequence.

  • Always start a new page when the G/L bank account changes. This is because the account prints only in the page header information.