76 Set Up User Defined Codes

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76.1 Setting Up User Defined Codes for A/R


From Accounts receivable (G03), enter 29

From Accounts Receivable Setup (G0341), choose a User Defined Code List

Alternatively, you can access a user-defined code list by entering Fast Path 'UDC' on the command line of any menu. On General User Defined Codes, enter the system code, such as 00, and the user-defined codes list, such as DI for invoice document types.

Because the system already has some user-defined codes in place, you must verify that these are appropriate for your business needs. You can set up additional user-defined codes as needed.

76.1.1 Example: User Defined Codes Form

The following is an example of a user-defined codes form.

Figure 76-1 General User Defined Codes screen

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Description of ''Figure 76-1 General User Defined Codes screen''

When you access a user-defined code, the form looks like this, with these exceptions:

  • The title is the name of the user-defined code.

  • The Character Code field accepts 1, 2, 3, or 10 characters, depending on the code.

  • The Description-2 field does not appear for some user-defined codes.

To set up a user defined code for A/R

On the appropriate user-defined codes form

  1. Complete the following fields:

    • Character Code

    • Description

    • Description 2 (optional)

  2. Press Enter.

Field Explanation
Character Code This column contains a list of valid codes for a specific user-defined code table. The number of characters permitted for a code appears in the column title.
Description A user-defined name or remark that describes a field.

For example, the data type is Education, and you enter MA in the column you defined as Degree. The system automatically brings in the Master of Arts description linked to MA.

Description 02 Additional text that further describes or clarifies a field in JD Edwards World systems.

76.1.2 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Deleting a user defined code To delete a user defined code, remove the character code and descriptions and use the Change action.

The Delete action deletes the entire list of codes.

Printing a list of user defined codes Choose User Defined Codes List from the Accounts Receivable Setup (P0005P) menu and run the appropriate version.