88 Periodic and Annual Processes - Processing Options

This chapter contains the topic:

88.1 Annual Close (P098201)

Processing Option Processing Options Requiring Further Description
1. Enter a '1' to roll P&L Accounts with a zero balance in net posting for the year being closed (i.e. Job Cost Accounts set up as P&L Accounts).

Default of blank will NOT create P&L Accounts for the next year if net posting for the year being closed is zero.


2. Enter '1' to override the Original Budget Amount regardless of whether next year's record already exists.

Default of blank will NOT override the Original Budget.

Note: This applies only to those ledger types that are set up in User Defined Code 00/LT to roll the budget.

3. Enter a '1' to expand the report to include amounts in the Account Balance (F0902) Records supporting the Retained Earnings.

A default of blank will print the Retained Earnings only.