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1 Overview to General Accounting I

Part I Journal Entry Processing

2 Overview to Journal Entry Processing

3 Work with Batch Control for Journal Entries

4 Work with Basic Journal Entries

5 Enter Journal Entries in Special Formats

6 Work with Other Types of Journal Entries

7 Work with Model Journal Entries

8 Processing Options for Journal Entry

9 Enter Journal Entries with VAT

10 Enter Journal Entries for the Prior Year

11 Review and Approve Journal Entries

12 Understand the Post Process for Journal Entries

13 Post Journal Entries

14 Revise and Void Posted Journal Entries

Part II Reports and Inquires

15 Print General Journals

16 Overview to Reports and Inquiries

17 Print Trial Balance Reports

18 Print General Ledger Reports

19 Print the Transaction Journal

20 Review Trial Balances Online

21 Review Account Ledgers and Balances Online

22 Financial Reports

23 Print Simple Financial Reports

24 Statement of Cash Flows

25 Define and Print Consolidated Financial Reports

26 Print Monthly Spreadsheets

27 Print Analysis Reports

28 Forecast G/L Cash Flow

Part III Account Reconciliation

29 Overview to Account Reconciliation

30 Reconcile Voided Payments

31 Account Reconciliation Setup

32 Work with Manual Reconciliations

33 Work with Bank Tape Reconciliations

34 Reconcile Transactions within Accounts

Part IV Allocations

35 Overview to Allocations

36 Work with Indexed Allocations

37 Review and Post Allocations

Part V Budgeting

38 Overview to Budgeting

39 Work with Budget Patterns

40 Work with Annual Budgets

41 Review Budget Comparisons Online

42 Enter Detailed Budget Amounts

43 Manage Budget Overages

44 Work with Journalized Budgets

45 Upload Budgets from a PC to the AS/400

Part VI Periodic and Annual Processes

46 Overview to Periodic and Annual Processes

47 Print Integrity Reports

48 Close an Accounting Period

49 Change a Financial Reporting Date

50 Understand the Fiscal Year Close

51 Set Up Ledger Types for the Annual Close

52 Close a Fiscal Year

53 Organization Setup

54 Set Up Fiscal Date Patterns

55 Set Up Companies

56 Work with Business Units

Part VII Account Setup

57 Overview to Account Setup

58 Create Chart of Accounts

59 Work with Accounts

60 Generate Account Description Search

61 Review Your Chart of Accounts

62 Work with Subledgers

63 Work with Enhanced Subledger Accounting

Part VIII System Setup

64 Overview to System Setup

65 Set Up Constants for General Accounting

66 Understand AAIs

67 Understand AAIs for General Accounting

68 Work with AAIs

69 Understand User Defined Codes

70 Understand General Accounting User Defined Codes

71 Work with User Defined Codes

72 Set Up Next Numbers

Part IX Advanced and Technical

73 Intercompany Settlements

74 Set Up Intercompany Settlements

75 Understand Configured Hubs

76 Set Up Configured Hubs

77 Create Intercompany Invoices and Vouchers

78 Understand Settlements across Environments

79 Set Up Cross-Environment Settlements

80 Send Intercompany Settlements

81 Receive Intercompany Settlements

82 Reconcile Intercompany Settlements

Part X Processing Options

83 Journal Entry Processing - Processing Options

84 Reports and Inquiries Processing Options

85 Account Reconciliation Processing Options

86 Allocations Processing Options

87 Budgeting Processing Options

88 Periodic and Annual Processes - Processing Options

89 Account Setup Processing Options

90 System Setup Processing Options

91 Z File Processing Options (Release A9.3 Update)

A Quick Reference

B Import Mass Data into General Accounting (Release A9.3 Update)