13 Post Journal Entries

This chapter contains these topics:

After you enter, review, and approve journal entries, post them to the general ledger.

Before You Begin

  • Verify that the batch has an approved status

  • Ensure that all post menu selections are routed to the same job queue and that the job queue allows only one job to process at a time

13.1 Posting a Batch of Journal Entries


From General Accounting (G09), choose Journal Entries

From Journal Entry, Reports, & Inquiries (G0911), choose Post General Journal

Run only one post program at a time.

To post a batch

Select the desired processing options and submit the post.

After you initially set up the processing options, you need to change only the batch selection processing option when you post.

13.1.1 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Posting an alternate currency ledger If you use the alternate currency ledger XA, set the appropriate processing option to update the ledger and produce a separate Posting Journal.
Making changes during the posting process While the post is running, do not change accounts, AAIs for the General Accounting system, intercompany settlements in the general accounting constants, or processing options for the post program.
Customizing the post program This program performs a number of complex tasks. JD Edwards World strongly recommends that you do not customize the programming for it.
Multicurrency Intercompany adjusting entries For companies who process multi-currency, intercompany transactions adjusting entries are noted with the value "AM" on the report.

13.2 Verifying the Post of Journal Entries

After posting your journal entries, verify that your batches of journal entries posted successfully. If any batches did not post, you must correct all errors and set the batch to approved status before the system will post the batch. The system creates a variety of reports to help you verify the posting information.

Complete the following tasks:

  • Review the Posting Edit Report

  • Review the Posting Journal

  • Review other posting reports

13.2.1 Reviewing the Posting Edit Report

After you run the post program, use the Posting Edit Report to verify whether the system posted your batches successfully. This report lists:

  • Batches that posted successfully

  • Documents with errors that prevented a batch from posting

Figure 13-1 General Ledger Post report

Description of Figure 13-1 follows
Description of "Figure 13-1 General Ledger Post report"

13.2.2 Common Error Messages and Their Causes

Error Reason
Batch not approved for posting A batch with a pending or error status causes this message.
Account not set up in Account Master file (F0901) Two situations can cause this error message, as follows:
  • An undefined account number (designated with & during journal entry) was entered. To correct this, locate the document number and line number on Journal Entry. Change the invalid account number to a valid account number.

  • An undefined account number was not set up prior to posting, or it does not meet the model account criteria needed for the system to create it dynamically. Select Account by Object on the Organization and Account Setup menu. Add the account number.

Batch journal entries out of balance Debits do not equal credits. If the out-of-balance journal entry is in error, correct the error and post the batch again.

In some cases, you might need to post an out-of-balance journal entry. For example:

  • A power failure occurred during entry or posting.

  • A valid, one-sided journal entry was entered to correct a conversion error made during setup.

See Revising Batches to Post Out-of-Balance in the JD Edwards World General Accounting II Guide for information about how to post an out-of-balance batch.

13.2.3 Reviewing the Posting Journal

To verify the transactions posted to the Account Balances and the Account Ledger tables, review the Posting Journal. It lists only those batches that posted successfully.


For companies who process multi-currency, intercompany transactions adjusting entries are noted with the value "AM" on the report.

Figure 13-2 General Ledger Post - General Accounting report

Description of Figure 13-2 follows
Description of "Figure 13-2 General Ledger Post - General Accounting report"

13.2.4 Reviewing Other Posting Reports

If there is a balancing error, the system generates the Detailed Post Error report. If you enter journal entries with multiple currencies, the system generates the other reports listed below.

Report Description
Detailed Post Error Report Lists the detailed transactions in a batch if there is a balancing error.
Batch Edit Report Lists the batches with currency-related problems.
Posting Journal Lists both the CA ledger and converted AA amounts for foreign currency transactions. Additionally, it lists the currency code of the CA ledger amount and the domestic currency of the company for the AA ledger amount.

If you use detailed currency restatement, the system produces separate Posting Journals for the XA, YA, and ZA ledgers.

Batches with Balancing Problems Lists AA and CA ledger information.

On the reports generated for batches with multiple currencies, the CA amounts represent the foreign side of the entry. The AA amounts represent the domestic side of the entry. Both the CA and the AA ledgers must be in balance.

13.2.5 Processing Options

See Section 83.4, "General Ledger Post (P09800)."