19 Print the Transaction Journal


From General Accounting (G09), choose Reports & Inquiries

From Accounting Reports & Inquiries (G0912), choose Transaction Journal

To review all transactions, or transactions within a G/L date range, print the Transaction Journal. This report prints the debit and credit amounts that make up balanced entries for A/R invoices and A/P vouchers. It uses the logic in the post program to print the original journal entry and the corresponding offsets for the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable systems and for taxes.

Multiple offsets for a single journal entry appear on the Transaction Journal as a single amount, as if you were using offset method S (Summary) in the accounts receivable and accounts payable constants. This report includes only the actual amounts (AA) ledger and does not include intercompany settlements.

If multicurrency transactions are processed, you can view both domestic and foreign currency amounts. A processing option allows you to include the transaction currency code, foreign debit, and credit amounts in place of the explanation, address book number, and name fields.


This print option is only available on non-summarized versions of the report.

The Transaction Journal is a DREAM Writer report.

Figure 19-1 Transaction Journal report

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Processing Options

See Section 84.9, "Transaction Journal (P09321)."