8 Processing Options for Journal Entry

See Section 83.1, "Journal Entry (P09101) (Release A9.3 Update)."

See Section 83.2, "Journal Entry Functional Server (XT0911Z1)."

What You Should Know About XT0911Z1 Functional Server

Topic Description
Access You can access the functional server processing options from the DREAM Writer menu (G81). Select Version List, and then enter the version number (XT0911Z1) in the Form field.
Processing option 2 When you enter a 1 in this field, no Account Ledger records are created if a journal entry line does not have an amount or a unit. If you use a model journal entry with several lines of account distributions, and you only enter amounts for certain accounts, no Account Ledger records are created for the lines with amounts. If you leave this option blank, you need to field exit through the distribution lines on a model journal entry that should not be created in the Account Ledger table.