60 Generate Account Description Search


From General Accounting (G09), enter 27

From G/L Advanced & Technical Operations, choose Build Search Word File

To search for an account by its account description, the tables containing the search words must already exist.

After you add, change, or delete account master information, run the Build Search Word File program. This program creates tables that contain all words in the Account Description field, the 23 category codes in the Account Master table (F0901), and, optionally, the 30 category codes from the Business Unit Master table (F0006).

When you run this program for the first time, it builds the following tables:

  • G/L Accounts Word Search Master (F09800)

  • LF-Word (F09800LA)

  • LF-Account ID Word (F09800LB)

  • Search Word Occurrences (F009109)

When you run this program after the initial build, it refreshes these tables.

This program is not character case-sensitive. It locates and retrieves words regardless of whether they are upper or lower case.

The Build Search Word File program is a DREAM Writer program.

Processing Options

See Section 89.2, "Build G/L Word Search File (P09BDWRD)."