30 Reconcile Voided Payments


From General Accounting (G09), choose Account Reconciliation

From Account Reconciliation (G0921), choose Auto Reconcile Void Payments

Instead of manually reconciling voided payments, you can save time during account reconciliation and have the system automatically reconcile voided payments and those with zero amounts. The system selects payments that were voided manually or during automatic payment processing.

Auto Reconcile Void Payments marks voided payments as reconciled and updates the Account Ledger table (F0911). You should run this program before you run Refresh Reconciliations File to create the reconciliation worktable so that zero-amount and voided payments are not included in the worktable.

Auto Reconcile Void Payments is a DREAM Writer program.


Do NOT change the data sequence in the DEMO version of this program. The processing logic for this program is based on this sequence. If you change it, you will get unexpected results.