26 Print Monthly Spreadsheets

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26.1 Overview


From General Accounting (G09), choose Financial Reports

From Financial Reports (G10), choose Monthly Spreadsheet

To examine trends in your company's financial activity, print the Monthly Spreadsheet. You can analyze actual and budget amounts for:

  • Period to date

  • Year to date

You can also print this spreadsheet to show current period amounts with budget amounts for future periods.

If you set up Enhanced Subledger Accounting, you can set the Enhanced Subledger Selections processing option to view these balances on the report. See Chapter 63, "Work with Enhanced Subledger Accounting" for more information.

This batch report uses information stored in the Account Balances (F0902) and Financial Report Master (F1011) tables.

26.1.1 Before You Begin

Figure 26-1 Income Statement by Month report

Description of Figure 26-1 follows
Description of "Figure 26-1 Income Statement by Month report"

26.1.2 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Rounding The monthly spreadsheet rounds to the thousands. For example, if the amount is 2700, it rounds to 3000 and prints as "3." If you want a spreadsheet with different specifications, you can design your own using the FASTR report writer.

26.1.3 Processing Options

See Section 84.23, "Monthly Spreadsheet (P10412)."