41 Review Budget Comparisons Online

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Comparing amounts from two ledgers is especially helpful when you need to review budget and actual amounts (AA and BA ledger types) and analyze budget variances.

41.1 Overview


From General Accounting (G09), choose Budgeting

From Account Budgeting (G14), choose Online Budget Comparison

You control the level of detail and whether fiscal period or cumulative amounts appear. You can also compare ledger types from different fiscal years or specific G/L dates.

Using processing options, you define:

  • Which two ledger types to compare

  • How the system calculates the differences between the two ledger types (visible only in the three-column format)

  • Which sequence the system uses to display accounts, for example, business unit.object or business unit.subsidiary.

  • Which format (two-, three-, or four-column) sequence you use to compare your budgets online. This program performs faster if you choose only one format (instead of a sequence of formats) for your comparison.

Online comparisons show information from the Account Balances table (F0902).

To review a budget comparison online

On On-Line Budget Comparison

Figure 41-1 On-Line Budget Comparison screen

Description of Figure 41-1 follows
Description of "Figure 41-1 On-Line Budget Comparison screen"

  1. Complete the following field:

    • Account

  2. To limit the information displayed, complete the following fields:

    • Level of Detail

    • Scaling Factor

    • Cum/Period (C/P)

    • Subledger / Type

    • Currency

    • Date

    • Ledger Type

41.1.1 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
AAIs This program uses two AAIS:
  • GLG6 - Beginning Revenue

  • GLG12 - Ending Profit and Loss

The program uses these AAIs to distinguish Balance Sheet accounts from Income Statement accounts so that the correct cumulative balance is calculated. Balance Sheet accounts include the prior year cumulative amount in the cumulative balance. Income Statement accounts do not include this beginning balance amount.

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