F Troubleshooting Techniques for Product Costing

This appendix contains these topics:

F.1 Run the Integrity Analysis Program (P30601)

Anytime there is a problem with the cost roll up, the Integrity Analysis program (P30601) is a good program to run. This will:

  • Verify that all items in the F3002 have a corresponding F4101and F4102 record.

  • Look for any and all recursive bills of material (any BOM that is an item going into itself).

  • Reset the Low level Codes, if all the F3002 items have a corresponding F4101 and F4102 record, and there are no recursive bills of material.


This program has no processing options or data selection. It is launched when selected from the menu. You cannot access the Item Master, Item Branch or Bills of Material files while this program is running.

F.2 Verify the Processing Options for P30820

Go through all of the processing options for P30820, and verify that they have been input correctly.

F.3 Review A1 Cost Setup

If an A1 cost is not being generated check for the following:

  • A "Purchased" item has something other than a "P" in the second description of UDC Table 41/I

  • The A1 cost type was deleted from the 30/CA UDC Table

  • The Cost of the product is less than .0001

  • No Bill of Material (BOM) exists

  • The Feature Cost % is either "0" or blank

  • It is a Non-Stock Product

  • Valid Effectivity Dates

F.4 Review Batch Quantity Setup

If you are not using a "0" BOM (default) and the Batch Quantity does not match the Accounting Cost Quantity, review the batch quantity setup. See Chapter 11, "Understand Batch Product Costing."

F.5 Adjust Primary Unit of Measure

Your Primary Unit of Measure may not be the smallest. See Entering Item Unit of Measure Information in the JD Edwards World Inventory Management Guide for more information.

F.6 Adjust the B1 or B2 Costs

If there are no B1 or B2 costs being generated, check the following:

  • There are no work center rates.

  • The effectivity dates are correct.

  • You are rolling a routing other than a "M" type routing.

  • The Time Basis Codes in the fold of the Routing are correct.

  • B1 was not taken out of the UDC Table 30/CA.

  • The value of the B1 is not less than .0001.

  • You are not using "0" routings (default) and that the Batch Quantity does not match the Accounting Cost Quantity

  • The Crew Size in the fold of the routing is not blank.

  • The Accounting Cost Quantity is either "0" or Blank.

F.7 Adjust the B3 through C4 Costs

If there are no B3 thru C4 costs being generated, check the Manufacturing Constants and verify that the client has asked the system to calculate these costs.

F.8 Adjust the D1, D2, D3 Costs

If there are no D1 or D2, D3 etc. costs being generated, check the following:

  • The Routing Type is correct

  • A D1, D2 etc.; is in the Cost type field in the fold of the Routing