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1 Overview to Product Costing and Manufacturing Accounting

Part I Product Costing

2 Overview to Product Costing

3 Set Up Product Costing

4 Review Bills of Material and Routings

5 Create Simulated Costs

6 Work with Simulated Cost Components

7 Review Costing Information

8 Update Frozen Costs

9 Work with Additional Costing Features

Part II Product Costing in ERPx Environment

10 Overview to Product Costing in ERPx Environments

11 Understand Batch Product Costing

12 Understand Product Costing for Planning Items

13 Work with Process Industry Costing

14 Understand Configured Items

Part III Manufacturing Accounting

15 Overview to Manufacturing Accounting

16 Set Up Manufacturing Accounting

17 Work with Work Orders

18 Create Journal Entries

19 Review General Ledger Batches

20 Post to the General Ledger

21 Define Flex Accounting

22 Manufacturing Accounting in ERPx Environments

Part IV Processing Options

23 Product Costing Processing Options

24 Product Costing in ERPx Environments Processing Options

25 Manufacturing Accounting Processing Options

A Calculations in Cost Rollup

B Calculations for Variances

C Purchase Price Variance

D Functional Servers

E Files and Fields Updated

F Troubleshooting Techniques for Product Costing

G Routing Cost Type Calculations

H Import Mass Data into Manufacturing Systems