H Import Mass Data into Manufacturing Systems

Two interactive Manufacturing programs can run in batch mode and accept data from a Z file, allowing you to process mass amounts of data from an outside source easily and efficiently using existing programs to validate the data.

You can process any number of records to add, change, or delete. You also have the advantage of:

  • Data selection to limit the records you want to process.

  • Processing options that allow you to choose the version of the interactive program to process the records.

  • Error report printing.

Generally, the DREAM Writer program number corresponds to the screen and program number with a Z appended to the end. For example, P48013Z corresponds to the Manufacturing Work Order Entry program P48013.

The following table includes the Manufacturing Z file processing programs.

Program Program Name Z File Program Z File
P30061 Work Center Rate Revisions P30061Z F30008Z
P48013 Manufacturing Work Order Entry P48013Z F48013Z


From Manufacturing Z File Processes (G3001Z), choose Work Center Rates or Work Order Header

Processing Options

See Section 24.2, "Work Center Rate Revisions - Z File (P30061Z)"or Section 25.14, "Manufacturing Work Order Entry - Z File (P48013Z)".

Data Selection

Do not change the existing data selection. The Processed Y/N field is set to NE Y. This prevents the program from processing records more than once.

You can add additional selections to limit the data.

Data Sequence

Do not change the data sequence.