57 Interim Checks Processing Option

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57.1 Interim Check Entry (P060531)

Processing Option Processing Options Requiring Further Description
1. Enter your Job Queue name.  
2. Enter your Deduction number for Advances.

(NOTE: This deduction DBA MUST have the declining balance flag set to 'Y'.)

3. Enter your Version Name or Number for Payroll Register (P063012).  
4. Enter the Program Number for Time Entry. (P061121, P066011 or P068011)


P061121 - Time Entry By Individual

P066011 - With Tip Information

P068011 - With Piecework Information

5. Enter a '1' to verify the information entered on the Interim Check Entry screen.

'0' is the default and will bypass the redisplay of this screen and will take you directly to Time Entry.

6. Enter the IFS path where the XML files will be stored, when requested.