Oracle Forms-based Calendar

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of the Oracle Forms-based Calendar

The Forms-based Calendar module provides a mechanism of allowing people to define resource work shifts with the consideration of resource availability and associating them with a scheduling calendar, not a personal calendar used for managing daily activities. After these work shifts are defined, attached to a scheduling calendar, and associated with resources during implementation, the selection of qualified resources for a task in Assignment Manager can be based on the resource shifts and availability defined in the Forms-based Calendar.

Additionally, you can use the Calendar Datebook features in the Oracle Telesales application to view scheduled activities and create personal ToDos.

Calendar Setup window

Use the Calendar Setup window to create time periods in a Calendar Datebook for yourself or another resource. Calendar setup uses shifts and patterns to define time availability and accommodate the most complex situation for a resource. You can define both your working hours and your unavailable hours such as holidays and vacations.

What is Available Time?

Available time is defined using shifts and patterns. It is the time a resource is available for scheduled work.

What is a Shift?

A shift defines when a person is available to work. For example, a shift can be created that defines the default working week Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:00. Shift pattern times are interpreted in the time zone that is tied to an individual resource or group resource. For all other types of resources, the schedules and availability times are interpreted in the server time zone.

Note: The Forms-based version of Calendar includes the ability to support a 24 hour shift, which makes it possible for graveyard shifts to be covered with one shift instead of two. In previous versions, two separate shifts had to be created to cover a shift which spanned between two separate days, such as, 10:00pm-2:00am.

What is a Shift Pattern?

A set of shifts that are set as a pattern.


What Is Non-available TIme?

Non-available time is a defined block of time when a resource is not available to accept a task.

Non-available time includes:

Calendar Datebook

Use the Calendar Datebook to view time availability for yourself, a resource, or a group of resources. In the datebook, a resource's schedule can be viewed in a daily, weekly, or monthly format.

In your Datebook you can view:

In addition, you can:

Oracle Forms-based Calendar Integrations

The Forms-based Calendar uses the following Oracle modules to provide functionality:

The Forms-based Calendar is widely used by various modules across Oracle E-Business Suite:

Accessing the Oracle Forms-based Calendar Interface

You must be an employee type resource to use calendar, and use the TeleSales Agent responsibility.

Navigate to the Oracle E-Business Center. and click the Datebook icon from the application icon menu to access the Calendar Datebook.

Creating Tasks and ToDos in a Calendar

Use the Calendar Datebook functionality in the Oracle Telesales application to view scheduled activities and create ToDos in Calendar.

Perform the following steps to gain access to your personal calendar and create and edit tasks and ToDos.


  1. Using the TeleSales Agent responsibility, click the Calendar Datebook icon from the eBusiness Center.

  2. Select any group in the Role and Group field of the Choose Role and Group window and click OK if necessary.

  3. (Optional) Select All Tasks option button and click New to create a task.

    See: Creating , Updating, and Finding Tasks.

  4. (Optional) Select ToDo and click Private Tasks option button and click New to create or edit a ToDo.

    The Create/Edit Todo form opens. Fill in the appropriate information and click OK.

    See: Creating a ToDo List.

  5. Save your changes and close the Calendar.

Viewing the Datebook

Use the Datebook window to view a work shift, task, or time off for yourself or another resource, or a group of resources. The Calendar Datebook is specific to the Telesales application. Perform the following steps to view the datebook.


  1. Navigate to the eBusiness Center.

  2. From the Calendar Name field, select the calendar name you want to view. For example, a personal or work calendar.

  3. From the drop-down list next to the Resource Employee field, select the resource or group of resources available for the chosen calendar.

  4. Select either the Day, Week, or Month tab depending on the time period you want to view.

Creating a ToDo List

You can create a personal ToDo list for yourself. Please note that you will only see the task statuses defined in the status transition rule that is associated with your logging-in responsibility populated in the Status list of values. In the eBusiness Center select the Private Tasks option button and enter your ToDo.