Oracle Territory Manager User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Territory Manager

Overview of Oracle Territory Manager
      Sales Territories
      Non-Sales Territories
Oracle Territory Manager Features
Oracle Territory Manager Integrations
Common Concepts
      Matching Attributes
      Territory Hierarchies
      Winning Territory Rules
      Territory Types
Multi-Organization Access Control
Enabling Matching Attributes
Creating Territory Types

Oracle Territory Manager Business User Flows

Territory Administration Business Flow
Sales Self-Service Business Flow

Administering Sales Territories

Named Account Creation Flow
Adding Named Accounts
Mapping Customer Name and Postal Code Matching Attribute
Named Account Spreadsheet
Monitoring the Named Account Setup Process
Sales (Non-Named Account) Creation Flow
Non-Named Account Territory Spreadsheet

Administering Non-Sales Territories

Non-Sales Creation Flow
Territory Spreadsheet

Managing Territories (Sales Manager)

Overview of Managing Sales Territories
      Named Accounts
      Overview of Geographic Territories
Viewing Your Named Accounts
Searching for a Named Account
Using Advanced Search
Assigning the Sales Team to Named Accounts
Exporting Named Accounts to Microsoft Excel
Uploading Named Accounts from Spreadsheet
Transferring Named Accounts
Creating a Named Account Territory Alignment
Assigning Named Accounts for an Alignment
Comparing Alignments
Activating a Territory Alignment
Creating a Geographic Territory
Reviewing Your Account Assignments

Spreadsheet, Searches, and Reports

Prerequisites for Using Web ADI
Using Spreadsheet
Sales Team Search
Territory Search
Territory Definition Report
Territory Changes Report
Overlapping Named Account Territory Report