Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment Implementation Guide


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Overview of Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment
      Basic Terminology
      Templates, Master Documents and Collateral
      Cover Letters
      E-Business Suite Use of Templates, Master Documents and Collateral
      Process Flow
      Advanced Queuing
      Email Bounceback
      Fulfillment Requests
      Fulfillment Server
      Remote Commands
      Fulfillment Channels
      Agent Groups
      Agent Resources
      Email Tracking
      MES Master Documents
      Oracle Content Manager Profile Options
      Data Source
      Fulfillment Request History
      Fulfillment Request Status
      Physical Collateral
      Unsubscribe Option
      Pause and Resume Request Processing
      Deletion of Sent Fulfillment Requests
      Master Document Editor
      High Quality Printing

Dependencies and Integration Points

System Requirements
      Fulfillment Server
      Output Servers
Mandatory Dependencies
Conditional Dependencies
Related Documentation
Installing Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment
Accessing Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment
      User Accounts

Implementation Tasks

Implementation Task Sequence
Defining an Administrator
Creating an Administrator User Account
Assigning a Role to a User Account
Defining an Agent
Creating an Employee
Creating a User Account for an Agent
Assigning or Importing a Resource for an Employee
Configuring Servers
Creating a Fulfillment Server
Defining an Email Server
Defining a Fax Server
Adding an Available Print Server
Creating a New Print Server for RightFax Printing
Implementing a Fulfillment Server
Creating a Remote Command Script for the Fulfillment Server

Integration Tasks

Integrating with Captaris RightFax
High Level Integration Steps
Sending a Fax Fulfillment Request by RightFax
Sending a Print Fulfillment Request by RightFax

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Common Error Messages
Out of Memory Error
java.lang.NullpointerException or Blank Screen
Fulfillment Server Error Messages and Debug Flags
Common Fulfillment Server Errors
Fulfillment Server Debug Flags
Stopping and Restarting the Fulfillment Server
Email Issues 500 5.5.1 Command Unrecognized
Characters Appear as ‘?' in Body of Email
Frequently Asked Questions
Uploading an RTF Document Fails in Oracle Content Manager
Content Types Not Visible
Cannot Update Existing Content Type
Log Directory Path
TeleSales Java Exception
Commands in Background Mode
Viewing Request Processing
"Initializing Processor" Error
Merge Field Errors
Unable to Use Merge Field Delimiters « and »
Table Rows and Merge Fields
Server id and User id in create_fulfillment API Call
Sending a Request Through Multiple Media Types
PL/SQL Debugging
Server Debugging
Troubleshooting the RightFax Integration

Administration Tasks

Managing Servers
Setting the Fulfillment Server Start Time and Shutdown Time
Setting the Interaction History Outcomes and Results
Enabling the Unsubscribe Option in Email Requests
Enabling Tracking for Email Requests
Setting Up Bounceback
Defining Print Servers and Printers for High-Quality Printing
Configuring a Print Server for High-Quality Printing
Configuring Printers for High-Quality Printing
Managing Fulfillment Agent Groups
Creating an Agent Group
Adding an Agent to a Group
Removing an Agent from a Group
Assigning a Fulfillment Agent Group to a Fulfillment Server
Managing Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Templates
Creating a Template
Assigning a Master Document to a Template
Assigning Collateral to a Template
Updating a Template
Removing a Master Document from a Template
Removing Collateral from a Template
Managing Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Documents
Creating an Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Document Using the Text Editor
Uploading an Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Document
Updating an Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Document
Viewing an Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Document
Downloading an Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Document
Assigning a Query to an Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Document
Removing a Query From an Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Document
Viewing Oracle Marketing Online Collateral
Managing Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Queries
Creating a Query
Updating a Query
Viewing Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Master Documents Associated With a Query
Creating a Data Source File from a Query
Managing Content
Cover Letter Overview
Understanding Cover Letter Content Types
Creating and Managing Cover Letter Content Types
Creating Cover Letters
Managing Fulfillment Requests
Viewing the Status of a Fulfillment Request
Canceling a Fulfillment Request
Pausing or Resuming a Fulfillment Request
Managing Fulfillment Request History
Viewing the Details of a Fulfillment Request
Viewing Failed Fulfillment Requests
Viewing a Partially Successful Fulfillment Request
Correcting a Malformed Email Job
Viewing Job Details
Resubmitting a Job
Resubmitting a Fulfillment Request
Deleting a History Entry
Searching for a Fulfillment Request
Using the Quick Find Feature
Using Merge Fields
Default and Wildcard Merge Delimiter Pairs
Different Representations of the Same Character
Using Encrypted Merge Fields
Creating an RTF Form Document with Merge Fields
Creating a PDF Form Document with Merge Fields
Setting Up High Quality Printing
Configuring the Printer
Setting Up a Pasta Print Server
Verifying the Printer Configuration
Running Concurrent Programs

Fulfillment Server Commands

Fulfillment Server Startup Script Parameters
Fulfillment Server Commands
Required Flags
Optional Flags
Debug Flags
Additional Java Flags
Language Character Parsing


Priority Levels
Interaction History Logging
Extended Headers
Extended Header XML Format
One-to-One Fulfillment Request Types
Example <item> XML Element
Messages and Notifications
Business Events
Common Messages
Get_Content_XML Messages
Example Scripts

Profile Options

Fulfillment Profile Options