Oracle TeleSales Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle TeleSales


Dependencies and Integration Points

Mandatory Dependencies
Optional Integrations

Implementation Overview

Implementation Task Sequence Overview
Implementation Task Sequence for Oracle TeleSales

Implementation Tasks for Oracle TeleSales

Setting Up Organizations
Setting Up the Customer Model
Setting Up Data Quality Management
Setting up Relationships
Setting Up Customer Classifications
Setting Up Global Address Formatting
Validating Addresses
Creating Employees
Setting Up Users, Security, and Reporting Hierarchy
      Factors That Affect Security
      Effects of Security Related Profile Options
      Access to Customer Information
      Access to Opportunity Information
      Access to Sales Leads
      Access to Contact Information, Notes, Tasks, and Interactions
      Access by Managers and Administrators
      Sample Security Setups
Defining Resource Groups
Defining Responsibilities
Setting Up Employees as Users
Importing Employees and Assigning Roles and Resource Groups
Setting Up System Profile Options to Give Users Access
Setting Up Default User Role and Sales Group
Setting Up Lead Management
Importing Leads
Setting Up Opportunities and Forecasting
Setting Up Opportunity Profiles
Creating Win Probabilities
Setting Up Sales Stages
Setting Up Sales Methodologies
Creating and Modifying Status Codes
Setting Up the Product Catalog
Setting Up Plan Element Mapping
Setting Up Forecast Categories
Setting Up Forecast Category Mappings
Setting Up Forecast Defaults
Setting Up Multiple Currencies
Setting Up Currency Codes
Setting Up Calendar Types
Setting Up the Accounting Calendar
Setting Up Period Type Mapping
Setting Up Reporting Currency
Entering GL Daily Conversion Rates
Run Concurrent Programs for Multiple Currency
Setting Up Quoting
Setting Up Flexfields
Setting Up Notes
Setting Up Interaction Tracking
Setting Up Tasks
Setting Up Calendar
Setting Up Fulfillment
Setting Up Territories
Setting Up and Using Territory Assignment Program (TAP)
      TAP Definition
      TAP Guidelines
      Prerequisites for Online (Real Time) TAP
      Prerequisites for Batch Mode TAP
      Setting Up Resource Teams and Groups for TAP
      Deleting Records
      Setting Up Parallel Workers
      Running the Assign Territory Access Program Concurrent Program
      Total Mode Request Set
      New Mode
      Setting Profile Options
      Tables Used
      Transaction Matching Attributes
      About Matching Attributes
      Account Classification
      Account Hierarchy
      Area Code
      Sales Partner Of
      SIC Code
      Customer Category
      Opportunity Classification
Setting Up Partners
Setting Up Marketing Source Codes
Setting Up Incentive Compensation
Setting Up Competitor Information
Setting Up Quick Menu
Hiding and Setting Default Tabs
Setting Up Custom Tabs
Setting Up Forms Integration with HTML-based Applications
Setting Up Mapping Capability for Addresses in eBusiness Center
Setting Up the Universal Work Queue
      Changing the Order of Items in the Work Queue.
      Creating a Media Action
Setting Up Marketing Events
Setting Up Marketing Collateral
Setting Up Class Types
Setting Up Class Codes
Setting Up Scripting
Enabling Multi-Organization Access
Setting Up Call Center and Advanced Outbound and Advanced Inbound
Setting Up Direct Telephony Integration
Setting Up Campaign Assignments
Enabling Oracle Email Center
Enabling Interaction Tracking and Wrap-up
      Interaction Overview
      Setting Up Interaction Tracking
      Deciding the Actions You Want Interactions to Track
      Setting Up Automatic Interaction Tracking
      Setting up Multiple Simultaneous Interactions
      Creating Outcomes, Results, and Reasons for Call Wrap-Up
      Assigning Outcomes to Campaign Activities
      Creating Default Wrap Ups
      Batch Processing
Enabling Web Directory Assistance
Setting Up Relationship Plan
Setting Up the Dashboard
Setting Up the At A Glance Window
      Customize the Menu
      Customize the Criteria
      Set up Window Title
      Set the Title for the Business Objects
      Customize the Action Drop Down Menu
Setting Up Web Collaboration
Setting Up Opportunity Forecasting
Integrating with Oracle Order Management
Integrating with Oracle Contracts Modules
Setting Up Business Event Notification
      How Business Events are Raised
      Identifying Business Events
      Creating a Subscription Function
      Event Parameters
      AS_EVENT_DATA Table
      Event Data Mapping
      Subscribing to an Event
      Summary of Seeded (Internal) Events and Subscriptions
Using Diagnostics
      Overview of TeleSales Diagnostics
      Interaction Center

System Profile Options

Setting System Profile Options
Table of System Profile Options

Concurrent Programs

Table of Concurrent Programs


Levels of Modification
Table of Lookups