Oracle Sales for Handhelds Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Sales for Handhelds

Overview of Oracle Sales for Handhelds
      Connected Handheld Browser
      Oracle Sales Synchronization
      Devices and Supported Functionality

Dependencies and Integration Points

Mandatory Dependencies
Optional Integrations

Common Implementation Steps

Set Up and Synchronize Employees
Data Quality Management Setup
Appointment Preferences
Seeded Roles and Responsibilities

Implementation Steps for the Connected Browser Functionality

Setting Up Sales for Handhelds Profile Options
Customizing Action Lists
Personalizing the User Interface

Implementation Steps for Outlook Synchronization Functionality

Setting Mandatory Profile Options
Setting Optional Profile Options
Concurrent Programs
      Purge Synchronization Data Concurrent Program
      Deleting Invalid Contacts Concurrent Program
Enabling Outlook Preferences Menu
Attributes Mapping for Outlook Synchronization
      Appointment Attribute Mapping
      Task Attribute Mapping
      Contact Attribute Mapping

Implementing the Clients

Downloading and Installing the Pocket PC Synchronization Client
Downloading and Installing the Desktop Outlook Synchronization Client

Implementing Alerts

Implementing Alerts Overview
Lookup Types for Alerts
Concurrent Programs for Alerts
Extensibility for Alerts Using Oracle Workflow


Checking Synchronization Server Status
Diagnostic Logs