Oracle Incentive Compensation Implementation Guide


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Implementing Oracle Incentive Compensation
Oracle Incentive Compensation Basics
Responsibilities in the Compensation Process
The Oracle Incentive Compensation Process
Getting Started
Using the Notes Feature
Starting Implementation
      Beginning The Implementation Process
Implementation Task Sequence

Oracle Incentive Compensation Command Center Setup

Setting Up Incentive Compensation Command Center
Setup and Configuration Steps for Incentive Compensation Command Center
Setting Profile Options for Incentive Compensation Command Center
Loading Incentive Compensation Data

Mandatory Dependencies and Integrations

Mandatory Dependencies
Oracle Resource Manager
Oracle General Ledger
Oracle Payables
Oracle Payroll
Oracle Receivables and Oracle Order Management
Oracle Human Resources
Oracle Quoting or Third Party Quoting Application
Oracle Territory Manager
Oracle Transportation Management
Integrate with the Territory Assignment Engine
Modify the Code in the API Template
Oracle Sales

General Ledger Setups

General Setup Tasks
Define Period Types
Define Accounting Calendar
Define Periods
Define Currency
Define the Set of Books

Application Parameter Setups

Application Parameters
Set up General Parameters
Set up General Ledger Parameters
Define Interval Settings
Define Credit Types and Conversion Factors

Collection Setups

Set up Collection Parameters
Configure Tables and Columns for Collection
Define External Table Mapping for Collection
Define Collection Sources and Mapping
Add a New Transaction Source to the TRX TYPES Lookup
Source Table
Notification Queries
Column Mapping
Collection Query
Generate Collection Packages

Calculation Setups

Calculation Setup
Set Up Calculation Parameters
Configure Tables and Columns for Calculation
Define External Table Mappings for Calculation

Payment Setups

Set Up Payment Parameters
Account Generator
Define Pay Element Mappings

Credit Allocation Setups

Set up a New Transaction Source
Configure Transaction Source Mappings
Set up Workflow Options
Set Up Workflow Background Process
View Workflow Background Process Results

Profile Options

Profile Options
Table of Profile Options


Viewing and Editing Lookups
Creating a Lookup
List of Lookups



Archive and Purge

Planning for Archive and Purge
      Archive and Purge Process
      Project Checklist
      Verifying Data
      Functional Prerequisites
      Understanding Volume Data Areas
Understanding OIC Archive and Purge
      Architecture of OIC Archive and Purge
      Phases of Archive and Purge Processing
      Archive and Purge OIC Periods Concurrent Program
      Public API
      Tips and Troubleshooting

SQL Insert Statement for Credit Allocation

SQL Insert Statement for Credit Allocation

Compensation Plan Templates

Implementing Compensation Plan Templates

Setting Up Oracle Incentive Compensation for Oracle Transportation Management Integration

Configuring Tables and Columns
Defining External Tables
Defining Collection Sources and Mapping
Generating Collection Packages