Accounting Setup Manager Diagnosis
  running for MRC (GL) link
Additional Post Upgrade Tasks link
Additional Tasks
  reapply customizations link
addrpmrc.sql link link
Advance Inbound
  installation changes link
Advanced Catch Weight link
Advanced Collections
  administrator UI redesign link
  Collector migration link
  Territory Management collection usage link
Advanced Configuration link
Advanced Global Intercompany System
  verify legal entities link
Advanced Inbound
  active mode routing link
  basic telephony link
  customer lookup link
Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  distribution planning link
  Gantt Chart enhancements link
  Inventory Reorder Point report link
  key item attributes link
  OPM MRP reports link
  Planning Detail report link
  sequence-dependent setup link
  unconstrained planning link
  character set (upgrade) link
application tier
  technology stack link
Apply latest AD and TXK for Release 12.2 link
Apply Recommended Security Patches link
Apply the Latest Oracle E-Business Suite Release Update Pack for Release 12.2 link
Applying AD 12.2 Upgrade Driver link
Applying Consolidated Upgrade Patch link
Asset Post Mass Additions
  faumamcr.sql link
Asset Tracking
  field service capabilities link
  fixed asset update link
  GL reversal link
  interface to fixed assets link
  Workflow notification link
  global descriptive flexfields for Greece link
  invoice distributions from Payables link
  run verification reports link
  SLA upgrade changes link
  verify assets and transactions link
  verify SLA upgrade link
Assets Depreciation
  facpugp.sql link
  in an upgrade link


Backing Up Oracle E-Business Suite link link
Backing Up the Database link
Base directory
  definition link


Cash Management link
  centralized banks and accounts link
  internal bank account security link
  system parameters link
Catalog Data
  pre-upgrade process for (ICX) link
certification information
  where to find link
character sets
  compatible link
Configure SSL for Web Services link
context file
  in an upgrade link
  locating in an upgrade link
Contract Lifecycle Management link
Contracts (Core)
  obsolete functions link
Convert Oracle Alert E-Mail Processing to the Workflow Notification Mailer link
Convert to Multiple Organizations Architecture link
Copying and Re-customizing Modified Scripts or Reports link
Copying Existing Custom Start Scripts link
Cost Management
  verify SLA integration link
  requirements link
Credit Card Encryption
  preparing data for (IBY) link
Customer Relationship Management
  Marketing link
  Partner Management link
Customer Relationship Management Tasks link link
Customer Relationship Management Upgrade Impact link
Customizations link
Customizing Help Files link


Data Model Changes link
  memory requirements link
  character set (upgrade) link
Database and System Administration Tasks link link
Database Initialization Parameters link
Database Node Configuration screen
  using in an upgrade link
database tier
  technology stack link
default territory
  choosing in an upgrade link
Demand Planning
  collections link
  forecast priorities link
  forecasting link
  internal sales order history link
  new administrator functions link
  performance improvements link
  planner productivity link
  plans archiving link
  selective forecasting link
  shared objects link
  view-only access link
Depot Repair link
Disable AOL Audit Trail link
Disabling Custom Triggers, Constraints, and Indexes link
Disabling Maintenance Mode link
Downtime Reduction
  advanced collections link
  assets link
  general ledger link
  iProcurement link
  legal entity link
Dropping Dangling Synonyms link


E-Business Tax
  tax solutions link
  verify A/P and A/R transactions link
  verify transaction audit and reconciliation link
Edition-Based Redefinition link
Email Center
  verify email accounts link
Enable PDF printing link
Enabling Online Patching link
  Downloading and applying the Online Patching Enablement patch link
  fixing violations listed in the Online Patching Enablement - Readiness Report link link
  running the Online Patching Database Compliance Checker report link
  running the Online Patching Enablement - Readiness Report link link
  running the Online Patching Enablement - Status Report link
  shutting down middle-tier services link
  Verifying database and middle tier patches link
  verifying database tablespace free space link
  verifying the database version link
Enhance Cross-Organization Reporting link
Ensuring Maintenance Mode is Enabled link
Enterprise Asset Management
  affect of other product upgrades link
  asset definition link
  asset operations link
  asset transactions link
  meters link
  preventive maintenance link
  work management link
  importance of link
Expense Reports
  importing into A/R (OIE) link


Field Sales
  migrate to Oracle Sales link
Field Service (Core)
  customer confirmation link
  for assets link
  task durations link
  time zone support link
  usability link
Field Service Advanced Scheduler
  customer confirmation link
  Schedule Task window link
  site access hours link
  task durations link
  time zone support link
file system
  creating for upgrade link
Financials and Procurement Tasks link
Financials Common Country
  contra charges link
  interest invoices link
Financials Common Modules
  Advanced Global Intercompany System link
  Payables and Receivables netting link
Financials for Asia/Pacific
  Korean withholding taxes link
  legal entity information link
  Taiwanese uniform invoices link
  tax setup link
Financials for Europe
  architecture changes link
  consolidation of country-specific reports link
  E-Business tax-based reporting link
  EMEA VAT reporting link
  reporting process changes link
Financials for India
  flexfields replaced link
  verify sample reports link
Financials for the Americas
  Brazilian company information link
  Brazilian JLBR link
  Brazilian Receivables interest link
  Chilean Bills of Exchange link
  Chilean reporting link
  Colombian NIT link
  Latin Tax Engine link
  Receivables bank transfer link
  verify Brazilian receivables bank transfers link
  withholding agent link
Financials Upgrade Impact link
  profitability manager link
Finish the Upgrade
  configure applications client software link
  configure the instance link
  integrate custom objects link
  re-enable custom triggers link
Finishing the Release 12.2.0 Upgrade link
Flow Manufacturing
  flow sequencing link
Functional Changes
  types of link
Fusion Project Management
  projects coexistence link


General Information and Required Tasks
  upgrade overview link
General Ledger
  centralized accounting setup link
  Global Accounting Engine link
  Multiple Reporting Currencies link
  period rates replaced link
  revaluation link
  run accounting setup manager diagnosis link
  run verification reports link
  sets of books link
  STAT report-level currencies link
  terminology changes link
Global Accounting Engine
  migrated to SLA link
  verify audit trail link
Global Settings screen
  using link
Global System Settings screen
  using link
Granting Flexfield Value Set Access link
Grants Accounting
  integration with E-Business Tax link
  integration with SLA link
  supplier cost adjustments link
  supplier cost integration link


HRMS Upgrade Impact
  about business impact and functional changes link
  HRMS link
  Payroll link
  Performance Management link
  Succession Planning link
Human Resource Management Upgrade Impact link


  character set (upgrade) link
iciftug.sql link
icxr12fi.sql link
icxr12in.sql link
icxr12mi.sql link
icxr12pd.sql link
icxr12rt.sql link
icxr12ug.sql link
Implementing Code Remediation link
Incentive Compensation
  decommissioned features link
  integration with Territory Manager link
  multi-level marketing support link
  multiple organization access control link
  new responsibilities link
  profile option changes link
  terminology changes link
  validate existing objects link
  verify integration points link
Install Base
  asset transfer link
  counters link
  item instance link
  other product support link
  profile option discontinued link
Instance directory link
Internationalization Settings screen
  using in an upgrade link
Internet Expenses
  integration with E-Business Tax link
  integration with Payments link
  itemization link
  per diem and mileage link
  deferred COGS link
  material workbench link
  OPM convergence link
  picking rules link
  reservations link
Inventory Optimization
  demand fulfillment lead time link
  lead time variability link
  replaced by Payments link
  catalog management link
  content security link
  verify catalog data upgrade link
  verify content security link
iSupplier Portal
  pending change requests link


JVM Parameter Settings
  For 64-bit Java link


Knowledge Management
  autolinks link
  concurrent request access link
  search administration link
  search options link
  setup menu link
  statements creation link


  character sets link
  language status link
Lease and Finance Management
  preparing for the upgrade link
  upgrade impacts link
Legal Entity link
Legal Entity Configurator
  description of link
  verify legal structure link
  integration with Payments link
  integration with SLA link
  loan types and products link
log files
  disk space link
  purging link


Managing Concurrent Processes link
Mandatory Steps
  all customers link
Manual Steps
  in an upgrade link
Manually Adding Custom Redirects and JSPs to Configuration Files link
  verify migrated and campaign data link
Memory requirement for Oracle E-Business Suite link
Migrate Portlets Preferences Store link
Migrating the CUSTOM Library link
Minimum Patch Levels
  setting (JAI) link
Mobile Field Service
  laptop user interfaces link
  multiple responsibilities link
  non-TCA party incident addresses link
  self-scheduling link
Mobile Server
  synchronizing (CSM) link
mount points
  Applications tier link
  dropping schema (MRC) link
MRC Schema
  dropping link
Multi-Org Security Profile link
Multiple Organizations link
  planning the upgrade link
Multiple Organizations Architecture
  effect on users link
  in Release 12 link


NLS Upgrade Considerations link
node-specific parameters screen
  in an upgrade link


Obsolete Products in Release 12.2 link
Obsolete Technology Integrations link
OCM link
   See Oracle Configuration Manager
One-to-One Fulfillment
  mass email requests link
Online Patching
  enabling online patching link
Open Invoices
  importing from Payables Open Interface (AP) link
Oracle Configuration Manager link
Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture
  the application tier link
Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture: The Application Tier
  installed components link
Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway link link
Oracle Project Planning and Control
  forecasting link
  web-based budgeting and forecasting link
  work management link
Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
  downloading Oracle E-Business Suite from link
Oracle XML Gateway link link
Oracle XML Gateway Setup link
Oracle XML Publisher Tasks link
Order Capture/Quoting
  integration with Trading Community Architecture link
  obsolete features link
Order Management
  changed profile options link
  defaulting rules link
  obsolete profile options link
  pre-payments link
  review error report link
other files
  disk space link
output files
  disk space link
  purging link
  general information and required tasks link


Partner Management link
  changing upgrade defaults link
  for system upgrade link
patch 4153130 link
patch 4239736 link
patch 4245089 link
patch 4607647 link
patch 4860026 link
patch 4914492 link
patch 4963569 link
patch 5233248 link
patch 5259121 link
patch set IN60105D2 link
  list for pre-upgrade link
  disk space link
  centralized banks and accounts definitions link
  features migrated link
  funds disbursements link
  integration with E-Business Tax link
  integration with SLA link
  invoice lines link
  payment document sequencing link
  suppliers defined in TCA link
  verify accounting setup and processing link
  verify invoice and payment processing link
  verify tax setup and processing link
  verify trial balance link
  configurable formatting link
  electronic transmission capability link
  first party organization link
  internal bank account link
  methods and currencies link
  payee configuration link
  payment methods link link
  payment system link link
  plan verification process link
  processing rules link link
  Receivables impact link
  replacing iPayment link
  routing rules link
  secure data repository link
  verify disbursement system options link
  verify funds capture link
  verify funds disbursements link
  verify payables impact link
  verify processing extension and customizations link
  verify receivables impact link
  verify security options link
Perform the Upgrade
  disable AOL audit trail link
  shutting down application tier listeners and concurrent managers link
Performing the Upgrade link
Performing the Upgrade to Release 12.2.0 link
  cross-product functionality link
  multi-org link
Planning Deployment Architecture link
Planning for an Upgrade
  diagnostics link
Post Upgrade Tasks
  backing up Oracle E-Business Suite link
  implementing new product and country-specific functionality link
  logging On to Oracle E-Business Suite link
  migrate portlets preferences store link
  Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway link
  Oracle XML Gateway link
  resizing the database link
  system maintenance tasks link
  understanding Oracle E-Business Suite System Administration tasks link
Post-install Checks screen
  using in an upgrade link
Post-Upgrade Tasks link
Posted Journal Entries
  pre-upgrade (GL) link
poxujpoh.sql link
poxukat.sql link
poxukfi.sql link
poxukpol.sql link
poxukrt.sql link
Pre-install Checks screen
  using in an upgrade link
Prepare for the Upgrade
  review upgrade tasks link
Preparing Customizations link
Preparing External Integrations link
Preparing for an Upgrade
  migrate or upgrade your database to Oracle 11g Release 2 ( or link
Preparing for the Upgrade
  customer relationship management tasks link
  financials and procurement tasks link
  gather schema statistics link
  Human Resource Management (HRMS) link
  install JRE on the database tier link
  perform a system backup link
  supply chain management tasks link
Preparing Products To Reduce Upgrade Downtime link
Preparing the Database for the Upgrade link
Preparing the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 File System link
Preparing the System for Upgrade link
Preparing Third-Party Integrations link
Process Manufacturing
  cost management and manufacturing accounting link
  e-records link
  inventory control link
  logistics applications link
  mobile supply chain application link
  obsolete features link
  process execution link
  process planning link
  product development link
  quality management link
  regulatory management link
  system administration changes link
Product Catalog
  creating new (CRM) link
Product Hub
  advanced search link
  integration with Web ADI link
  item organization assignments link
  structures link
Product Patches
  applying latest link
Product-Specific Considerations link
Profile Option
  set up for TeleService (CRM) link
progress bars
  description of link
Project Billing
  accounting for intercompany invoices link
  accounting for revenue link
  impact of MRC migration link
  tax default hierarchy link
  viewing accounting details link
Project Costing
  integration with SLA link
  migration of MRC link
  supplier cost adjustment link
  supplier cost integration link
  verify E-Business tax upgrade link
  verify resource lists link
  verify SLA integration link
Projects Foundation
  project list and search page link
  resource lists link
Projects Tasks link
Projects Upgrade Impact link
Property Manager
  integration with E-Business Tax link
  integration with SLA link
  legal entity stamping link
  verify upgraded data link
Public Sector Financials
  integration with SLA link
Public Sector Tasks link
  integration with E-Business Tax link
  local contract purchase agreements link
  unified catalog link


Range of Periods
  setting (SLA) link
Rapid Install
  role in upgrade link
Reapplying Customizations link
  balance forward billing link
  centralized banks and accounts link
  customer UI redesign link
  funds capture link
  integration with E-Business Tax link
  integration with SLA link
  late charges link
  obsolete features link
  verify balance forward billing link
  verify integration with E-Business Tax link
  verify integration with SLA link
  verify interface redesign link
  verify late charges enhancements link
  verify payments funds capture link
Reducing Downtime link
Reference Information
  finding link
Regenerating Business Views link
Release 12.2 Architecture link
Release Content Documents
  importance of link
Renamed Files
  protecting data in link
Resetting init.ora Parameters link
Review Application User Information screen
  using link
Reviewing User Responsibility Assignments link
Running Online Patching Readiness Reports
  customizations link


  migrating custom responsibilities link
  Sales Online migration link
Sales and Telesales
  migration of Sales Credits link
Sales and Telesales Upgrade by Request
  migrating sales credits link
  migrating sales methodologies for opportunities link
Sales Compensation Processes
  verifying completion of (CRM) link
Sample Concurrent Programs link
Scheduling Time for an Upgrade link
Schemas Not Used by Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 link
Secure Configuration link
Select Upgrade Action screen
  using link
Select Wizard Operation screen
  using link
  using in an upgrade link
  custom Workflow process link
  data migration tools link
  email center link
  iSupport link
  new setup and admin screens link
Service and Infrastructure
  Customer Relationship Management link
Service Contracts
  approval rules link
  cancellations link
  coverage definition and instantiation link
  Multiple Organizations Access Control (MOAC) link
  partial period definition link
  XML Publisher templates link
Setting Up Operating Units link
Shipping Execution
  flexible documents link
  parallel pick submission link
  Workflow-enabled transactions link
Shop Floor Management
  option 1 disabled link
  option 2 changes link
Shutting Down Application Tier Listeners and Concurrent managers link
SLA Pre-Upgrade Program
  running (SLA) link
software requirements
  operating system link
  auction AutoExtend link
  cost factor enhancements link
  negotiation header attributes link
  online discussion link
  optimization enhancements link
  price factors link
  quantity based price tiers link
  template migration link
  two stage evaluation of RFP link
  verify header requirements link
  verify template migration link
  configuring for Web Services link
stage area link
  directory structure link
Student System and Student Recruiting
  planning the upgrade link
Subledger Accounting
  replaces existing accounting processes link
Supply Chain Management Tasks link
Supply Chain Management Upgrade Impact link
Supply Chain Upgrade Impact
  Product Hub link
Supported Upgrade Paths link
System Administration Tasks link
System Maintenance Post Upgrade Tasks link


Technical Impact and Changes link
technology stack
  required components link
  reviewing components link
Technology Stack Components link
  Customer Relationship Management link
  verify historical message migration link
  verify upgraded data link
temporary directories
  disk space link
Temporary Directory for XML Publisher link
temporary files
  disk space link
temporary space
  required for installation link
Territory Administration
  concurrent programs decommissioned link
Territory Manager
  access levels link
  custom matching attributes link
  escalation territories link
  forms replaced with HTML-Excel link
  role-based access control link
  territory types link
  verify hierarchy mapping link
  verify responsibilities and roles for RBAC link
  verify territory types link
Testing the Upgrade link
  importance of link
top-level directory
  RDBMS link
Trading Community Architecture
  address validation link
  DQM enhancements link
  new HTML for roles link
  new trading members link
  verify address validation link
Transport Agent Setup link
  bank account balances migration link
  bank accounts migration link
  verify bank account balance migration link
  verify bank account migration link
txkSetWalletPass.sql link


Un-Confirmed Payment Batches
  importing invoices from (AP) link
Understand Business Impact and Functional Changes link
Understanding the Upgrade Flow and Process link
Updating and Verifying Custom Responsibilities link
Updating init.ora with Upgrade Parameters link
  business impact link link
  obsolete products link
  required reading link
Upgrade By Request link
Upgrade Impact
  Quality link
upgrade operations
  choosing link
Upgrade Patch
  installing NLS upgrade patch driver link
Upgrade Requirements
  overview of upgrade requirements link
upgraded installation
  description of link
  configuring servers link
  configuring services link
  Database Oracle Home in link
Upgrading to the Latest Code Level link
US Federal Financials
  implements Payables and Receivables netting link
  integration with GL link
  integration with SLA link
  summary schedules and consolidated files link
  verify budget execution link
  verify confirmation and reconciliation link


Verification Tasks
  subledger link
Verifying Completion of Concurrent Programs link


Warehouse Management
  Advanced Catch Weight link
  control board enhancements link
  crossdocking link
  material handling enhancements link
  multi-delivery consolidation link
  rules engine enhancements link
  user-extensible label fields link
Web Services link
Welcome screen
  using link
Workflow Notification Mailer
  complete configuration for link