Oracle Functional Testing Suite Advanced Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite - Interfaces Reference Guide


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Oracle TeleService (CS)

Create Service Request, Charge Lines and Submit to Order Management

Oracle Trade Management (OZF)

Create Accrual Offer and Activate

Oracle Asset Life Cycle Management (ALM)

Create Asset, Work Request and Work Order: EAM PLSQL
Create Asset Number: EAM Open Interface
Create EAM Asset Attributes for Existing Asset Numbers: PLSQL
Update EAM Asset Attributes for Existing Asset: PLSQL
Meter Creation, Meter Update & Create and Update Meter Association: PLSQL
Create and Disable Meter Readings: PLSQL
Create and Update Preventive Maintenance Set Name: PLSQL
Create and Update Activity Suppression: PLSQL
Add Department Approvers: PLSQL
Create and Update Asset Area: PLSQL
Update EAM Parameter: PLSQL

Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM)

Create Activity
Create Tests
Create Formula
Create Resource
Create and Release batch through API
Create Batch Using UI and Release Batch Using API
Create Batch Using Open Interface
Perform Action on Batch Using Open Interface
Create and Update Item Cost and Resource Cost

Oracle Costing (CST)

Import Item Cost: CST Open Interface

Oracle Inventory (INV)

Create, Update and Delete Locator
Generate Serial Numbers Using PLSQL API

Oracle Order Management (OM)

Order Import

Oracle Advanced Pricing (QP)

Pricing Data Bulk Loader

Oracle Discrete Manufacturing (DMF)

Creating, Copying, Deleting Collection Plan and Elements
Inserting Results into the Quality Plans
Creation of Item, Organization Assignment and BOM Creation
Creation of Job

Oracle Grants Accounting (GMS)

Create, Submit and Baseline Award Budget using PLSQL

Oracle Project Billing (PJB)

Create Agreement with Multiple Funding Lines

Oracle Project Costing (PJC)

Add and Assign Asset to Capital Project through PLSQL APIs
Create Deductions through PLSQL APIs
PJC Transaction Import through Open Interface

Oracle Project Foundation (PJF)

Create Project PLSQL

Oracle Project Resource Management (PJR)

Create Requirement PLSQL

Oracle Project Planning and Control (PJT)

Baseline Budget PLSQL

Oracle Procurement (Procurement)

Cancel Purchase Order using Open Interface and PLSQL
Update of Purchase Order using Open Interface and PLSQL
Create Standard Purchase Order using Web Services
Update Price and Quantity of Standard Purchase Order using Web Services
Procure to Pay End to End Flow using Open Interface, API and Web Services
Creating and Updating the Supplier and Supplier Site

Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Generate LPN using PLSQL API

Oracle Shipping Execution (WSH)

Shipping Actions - Split Delivery Detail using PLSQL API and UI Components

Oracle Core Contracts

Import Clauses with Open Interface and Verifying the Clauses

Components in Advanced Pack

Component Sets and Components Being Delivered