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Netra Blade X3-2B (formerly Sun Netra X6270 M3 Server Module)

Product Notes

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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Getting the Newest Firmware and Software

Related Documentation


Support and Accessibility

Updates and Releases

Update Available

Firmware Release History

System Hardware and Software Features

Sun Netra 6000 Modular System

Supported Components with Legacy Chassis

Supported Components with New Chassis

Supported PCIe ExpressModules

Supported Components

FEMs and REMs Required for NEMs

Supported CPUs

Supported Memory

Supported Storage Drives

Supported Operating Systems

Server Update Information

Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)

Hardware, Firmware, and BIOS Issues

Oracle ILOM restore_status Parameter Shows Partial Status (7167938)

Oracle ILOM 3.1 Might Not Support Clearing of Faults Diagnosed by Oracle Solaris Operating Systems (7170842)

Power Reset Event Entry in Oracle ILOM Log is Incorrect (7165042)

Unable to Change Serial Port Ownership Using BIOS Setup Utility (7168093)

New BIOS Boot Splash Screen

PXE-booting Fails When Using Cisco Switch (7149683)

Oracle Recommendations for Drive Slot Population and Virtual Drive Creation (7124194)

Blade With Solaris 10 8/11 Fails to Bring Up a Supported NEM After Hot Insertion (7121662)

UEFI Configuration Settings Might Be Lost When Transitioning Between UEFI and Legacy Boot Modes (7080526)

Physical Storage Drives Listed Twice on the Sun Netra 6000 Storage Module M2 (7116807)

Oracle System Assistant Issues

User Must Have Full Administrator Role Privileges to Update SP (7158820)

Some Operating Systems Do Not Mount the Oracle System Assistant USB Device

Oracle System Assistant Does Not Support Username “user”

The Virtual Ethernet Device is Reported as Not Installed in Windows 2008 (7129124)

Oracle System Assistant Cannot be Used to Update a Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe HBA From Legacy BIOS Firmware to UEFI BIOS Firmware (7123372)

“Path too Long” Errors When Unzipping Windows Downloads (7116803)

Popup Message Appears in the Oracle ILOM Web Interface When Launching Oracle System Assistant With the Launch Button (7126194)

Disks Might Not Appear During an Oracle System Assistant Installation of Windows 2008 R2 SP1 With an SG-SAS6–REM-Z and a Sun Netra 6000 Storage Module M2 (7152565)

Linux OS Issues

Oracle System Assistant Assisted-OS Installation of SLES 11 Might Prompt for Root Password (7158471)

Sense Key: Recovered Error messages can appear on the console and in /var/log/messages (7144197, 7158666)

Unable to Mount Oracle System Assistant USB Device on Some Versions of Linux

Oracle Linux and RHEL 6.1 grub.efi Cannot Be Used to Set Up a Network PXE Server for Booting UEFI Linux Clients (7095377)

Failure Occurs After Hot-Inserting a SAS-2 RAID Module (SGX-SAS6-EM-Z) (7088969)

Too Many PCI Cards or Modules Can Cause the System to Hang (6899040)

RHEL 6.1 kdump Does Not Work (7133869)

Oracle VM and VMware ESXi Issues

Oracle VM Current Issues

Unable to Mount Oracle System Assistant USB Device on Oracle VM 3.0.x (7149878)

Time of Date Incorrect on Oracle VM 3.0 (7061790)

VMware ESXi Issues

ESXi Cannot Mount the Oracle System Assistant USB Device (7154313)

Oracle Solaris OS Issues

Oracle Solaris Patch List

Oracle Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 OS Issues

Unable to Mount Oracle System Assistant USB Device on Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 OS

Server With Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Fails to Bring Up hxge After Hot Insertion (7121662)

Xorg GUI Might Fail to Start With Certain Hardware Configurations Under Oracle Solaris 11 (7112301)

Getting Blade Firmware and Software

Firmware and Software Updates

Firmware and Software Access Options

Available Software Release Packages

Accessing Firmware and Software

Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

Requesting Physical Media

Installing Updates

Installing Firmware

Installing Hardware Drivers and OS Tools


Available Software Release Packages

Downloads on My Oracle Support are grouped by product family, then product, then version. The version contains one or more downloads (patches).

For server modules and blades, the pattern is similar. The product is the server module. Each server module contains a set of releases. These releases are not true software product releases, but releases of updates for the server module. These updates are called software releases and comprise several downloads, all tested together. Each download contains firmware, drivers, or utilities.

My Oracle Support has the same set of download types for this server family as shown in the following table. These can also be requested through a physical media request (PMR). The same firmware and software can also be downloaded using Oracle System Assistant.

Package Name
When to Download This Package
Netra Blade X3-2B version — Firmware Pack
All the system firmware, including Oracle ILOM, BIOS, and option card firmware.
You need the latest firmware.
Netra Blade X3-2B version — OS Pack
An OS pack is available for each supported operating system version. Each OS pack includes a package of all tools, drivers, and utilities for that version of the OS.

Software includes Oracle Hardware Management Pack and LSI MegaRAID software.

You need to update OS-specific drivers, tools, or utilities.
Netra Blade X3-2B — All packs
Includes the Firmware Pack, all OS Packs, and all documents.

This pack does not include SunVTS or the Oracle System Assistant image.

You need to update a combination of system firmware and OS-specific software.
Netra Blade X3-2B version — Diagnostics
SunVTS diagnostics image.
You need the SunVTS diagnostics image.
Netra Blade X3-2B version — Oracle System Assistant
Oracle System Assistant updater and ISO update image.
You need to manually recover or update Oracle System Assistant.

Each of the downloads is a zip file that contains a Read Me and a set of subdirectories containing firmware or software files. The Read Me file contains details on the components that have changed since the prior software release and the bugs that have been fixed. For more details on the directory structure of these downloads, see the Netra Blade X3-2B Administration Guide.