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Packaging and Delivering Software With the Image Packaging System in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  IPS Design Goals, Concepts, and Terminology

2.  Packaging Software With IPS

3.  Installing, Removing, and Updating Software Packages

4.  Specifying Package Dependencies

5.  Allowing Variations

6.  Modifying Package Manifests Programmatically

7.  Automating System Change as Part of Package Installation

8.  Advanced Topics For Package Updating

9.  Signing IPS Packages

10.  Handling Non-Global Zones

Packaging Considerations for Non-Global Zones

Does the Package Cross the Global, Non-Global Zone Boundary?

How Much of a Package Should Be Installed in a Non-Global Zone?

Troubleshooting Package Installations in Non-Global Zones

Packages that Have Parent Dependencies on Themselves

Packages that Do Not Have Parent Dependencies on Themselves

11.  Modifying Published Packages

A.  Classifying Packages

B.  How IPS Is Used To Package the Oracle Solaris OS

Chapter 10

Handling Non-Global Zones

Developing packages that work consistently with zones usually involves little or no additional work. This chapter describes how IPS handles zones and discusses those cases where packaging needs to account for non-global zones.