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Oracle Solaris 11.1 Linkers and Libraries Guide     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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Part I Using the Link-Editor and Runtime Linker

1.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Link Editors

2.  Link-Editor

3.  Runtime Linker

4.  Shared Objects

Part II Quick Reference

5.  Link-Editor Quick Reference

Part III Advanced Topics

6.  Direct Bindings

7.  Building Objects to Optimize System Performance

8.  Mapfiles

9.  Interfaces and Versioning

10.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens

11.  Extensibility Mechanisms

Part IV ELF Application Binary Interface

12.  Object File Format

13.  Program Loading and Dynamic Linking

Program Header

Base Address

Segment Permissions

Segment Contents

Program Loading (Processor-Specific)

Program Interpreter

Runtime Linker

Dynamic Section

Global Offset Table (Processor-Specific)

Procedure Linkage Table (Processor-Specific)

32-bit SPARC: Procedure Linkage Table

64-bit SPARC: Procedure Linkage Table

32-bit x86: Procedure Linkage Table

x64: Procedure Linkage Table

14.  Thread-Local Storage

Part V Appendices

A.  Linker and Libraries Updates and New Features

B.  System V Release 4 (Version 1) Mapfiles


Chapter 13

Program Loading and Dynamic Linking

This chapter describes the object file information and system actions that create running programs. Most information here applies to all systems. Information specific to one processor resides in sections marked accordingly.

Executable and shared object files statically represent application programs. To execute such programs, the system uses the files to create dynamic program representations, or process images. A process image has segments that contain its text, data, stack, and so on. The following major sections are provided.