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Copying and Creating Oracle Solaris 11.1 Package Repositories     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Image Packaging System Package Repositories

2.  Copying IPS Package Repositories

Copying a Repository from the Internet

Create the Infrastructure for the Local Repository

Copy the Repository

Copying a Repository from a File

Get the Package Repository File

Make the Contents of the Repository File Available

Copy the Repository Files

Unmount the Image

Build a Search Index and Snapshot the Repository

3.  Providing Access To Your Repository

4.  Maintaining Your Local IPS Package Repository

Copying a Repository from the Internet

This section describes how to make a local copy of the Oracle Solaris 11.1 release package repository by copying the repository from an Internet location.

Create the Infrastructure for the Local Repository

Create the required pkg(5) repository infrastructure so that you can copy the repository. See the pkg(5) and pkgrepo(1) man pages.

$ pkgrepo create /export/repoSolaris11

Copy the Repository

Use the pkgrecv command to copy the repository. This operation could affect your network performance. The time required for this operation to complete depends on your network bandwidth and connection speed. To copy the Oracle Solaris 11.1 release repository, approximately 7 GB of data is transferred.

Tip - For better performance, close applications that use a large amount of memory, and ensure that your ZFS storage pool capacity is less than 80%.

Use the zpool list command to view your pool capacity.

$ zpool list
rpool   186G  75.2G  111G  40%  1.00x  ONLINE  -

The following command pulls all versions of all packages from the package repository specified by the -s option to the repository specified by the -d option. See the pkgrecv(1) man page for more information.

$ pkgrecv -s -d /export/repoSolaris11 \
-m all-timestamps '*'
Processing packages for publisher solaris ...
Retrieving and evaluating 4400 package(s)...
Download Manifests (4400/4400)
PROCESS                    ITEMS       GET (MB)        SEND (MB)
developer/build/cmake   446/4400   332.1/4589.7   1000.2/14511.8
Completed              4400/4400  4589.7/4589.7  14511.8/14511.8

After the repository is copied, the process does some finish work. After you see the “Completed” line, wait another few minutes until you get your prompt back.

If you update this repository later, only the changes are copied, and the process might take much less time.

If the pkgrecv operation is interrupted, use the -c option to retrieve content that was already downloaded and resume the content download. The value of cache_dir is supplied in an informational message when the transfer is interrupted, as shown in the following example:

PROCESS                    ITEMS       GET (MB)        SEND (MB)
pkgrecv: http protocol error: code: 503 reason: Service Unavailable
URL: '

pkgrecv: Cached files were preserved in the following directory:
Use pkgrecv -c to resume the interrupted download.
$ pkgrecv -c /var/tmp/pkgrecv-fOGaIg \
-s -d /export/repoSolaris11 \
-m all-timestamps '*'
Processing packages for publisher solaris ...
Creating Plan
Retrieving and evaluating 156 package(s)...
PROCESS                    ITEMS       GET (MB)        SEND (MB)
desktop/compiz             1/156        0/395.0         0/1100.2