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Connecting Systems Using Reactive Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Reactive Network Configuration (Overview)

Highlights of Profile-Managed Network Configuration

What Is Reactive Network Configuration?

When to Use Reactive Network Configuration

Network Profiles and Types

Description of an NCP

Description of the Automatic and User-Defined NCPs

Description of an NCU

Description of a Location Profile

Description of an ENM

Description of a Known WLAN

Profile Activation Policy

NCP Activation Policy

NCU Activation Properties

Examples of an NCP Policy

Location Activation Selection Criteria

Profile Configuration Tasks

How Reactive Network Profiles Work

How Reactive Networking Works With Other Oracle Solaris Networking Technologies

SMF Network Services

Network Configuration Security and Authorizations

Authorizations and Profiles Related to Network Configuration

Authorizations Required to Use the User Interfaces

Where to Find Network Configuration Tasks

2.  Creating and Configuring Reactive Network Profiles (Tasks)

3.  Administering Your Reactive Network Configuration (Tasks)

4.  Using the Network Administration Graphical User Interface


Highlights of Profile-Managed Network Configuration

In Oracle Solaris 11, network configuration is based on profiles. A system's network configuration is managed by a specific network configuration profile (NCP) and a corresponding Location profile. For a fuller description of profile-managed network configuration, see Network Configuration Profiles in Introduction to Oracle Solaris 11 Networking.

Note - For network configuration, the principal profile types are NCPs, Location profiles, external network modifiers (ENMs), and known wireless local area networks (known WLANs). Of these types, the main profile type is the NCP. For more information about network profile types, see Network Profiles and Types.

The highlights of profile-based network configuration follow:

If your system is configured for fixed networking, then the active NCP that manages its network configuration is DefaultFixed. This profile is generated by the operating system (OS) and is the only fixed profile on the system. A system does not support multiple fixed profiles. For more information, see Connecting Systems Using Fixed Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris 11.1.

The conceptual information, procedures, and examples in this book relate to reactive network configuration where multiple NCPs can be created and configured but only one profile can be active at a time on the system.