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Managing SMB File Sharing and Windows Interoperability in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Sharing Files Between Windows and Oracle Solaris Systems

2.  Setting Up Identity Mapping Between Windows and Oracle Solaris Systems

3.  Setting Up a Oracle Solaris SMB Server to Manage and Share Files

Disabling the Samba Service

How to Disable the Samba Service

Configuring the SMB Server Operation Mode (Task Map)

How to Configure the SMB Server in Domain Mode

How to Configure the SMB Server in Workgroup Mode

Managing SMB Shares

Managing SMB Shares in This Release

Managing SMB Shares (Task Map)

How to Enable Cross-Protocol Locking

How to Create an SMB Share (zfs)

How to Enable Guest Access to an SMB Share

How to Enable Access-Based Enumeration for a Share

How to Modify SMB Share Properties (zfs)

How to Remove an SMB Share (zfs)

How to Create a Specific Autohome Share Rule

How to Restrict Client Host Access to an SMB Share (zfs)

Managing SMB Groups (Task Map)

How to Create an SMB Group

How to Add a Member to an SMB Group

How to Remove a Member From an SMB Group

How to Modify SMB Group Properties

Configuring the WINS Service

How to Configure WINS

Enabling CATIA V4/V5 Character Translations

How to the Enable CATIA Interoperability Feature

Configuring SMB Printing (Task Map)

How to Enable the SMB Print Service

Troubleshooting the SMB Service

Cannot Join a Windows Domain

Checking the DNS Configuration

Ensuring That Kerberos Is Correctly Configured

Ensuring That You Specify the Correct Password for Your Domain User

Ensuring the Firewall Software Does Not Filter Out Required Ports

Viewing Oracle Solaris SMB Service Property Settings

Excluding IP Addresses From WINS Name Resolution

Changes to Windows Group Membership and to User Mapping Do Not Take Effect

Windows Clients Cannot Connect by NetBIOS Name or Are Missing From Browse List or Network Neighborhood

Cannot Set Share Security, All Shares Inherit the Security of the Directory Object

Older Versions of Windows Cannot Copy Files Larger Than Four Gbytes

Cannot Use SMB to Map Drives

Cannot See the Security Tab From Windows Clients

Microsoft Access or SQL Server Sessions Time Out After a Period of Inactivity

Cannot Add Windows Local Groups to Access Control List

SMB Browsing Fails When share.smb=on Is Set on a ZFS Pool

Samba or SMB Service Cannot Bind Various Ports

SMB Shares on a ZFS File System are Inaccessible After a Reboot

Invalid Password Errors Appear When Mapping a Drive or Browsing Computers in the Workgroup

Access Control List Inheritance Issues

Missing Security Tab on Windows XP Clients

4.  Using SMB File Sharing on Client Systems

A.  SMB DTrace Provider



Chapter 3

Setting Up a Oracle Solaris SMB Server to Manage and Share Files

The ability to share files between your Oracle Solaris and Windows systems is very important. You can configure an Oracle Solaris 11.1 SMB file server to run as a standalone server (workgroup mode) or to run in an existing Windows environment (domain mode). Such a server can provide access to SMB shares for both Oracle Solaris and Windows systems. This chapter describes how to configure an Oracle Solaris server, create and manage SMB shares, and customize the server and shares for your environment.

Currently, the SMB service runs only in the global zone.

This chapter covers the following topics:

For a high-level overview of the SMB server configuration process, see Configuring the SMB Server - Process Overview.

Note - Common Internet File System (CIFS) is an enhanced version of the SMB protocol, which allows SMB clients to access files and resources from the SMB server. The terms CIFS and SMB can be considered interchangeable.