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Multithreaded Programming Guide     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Covering Multithreading Basics

2.  Basic Threads Programming

3.  Thread Attributes

Attribute Object

Initializing Attributes

pthread_attr_init Syntax

pthread_attr_init Return Values

Destroying Attributes

pthread_attr_destroy Syntax

pthread_attr_destroy Return Values

Setting Detach State

pthread_attr_setdetachstate(3C) Syntax

pthread_attr_setdetachstate Return Values

Getting the Detach State

pthread_attr_getdetachstate Syntax

pthread_attr_getdetachstate Return Values

Setting the Stack Guard Size

pthread_attr_setguardsize(3C) Syntax

pthread_attr_setguardsize Return Values

Getting the Stack Guard Size

pthread_attr_getguardsize Syntax

pthread_attr_getguardsize Return Values

Setting the Scope

pthread_attr_setscope Syntax

pthread_attr_setscope Return Values

Getting the Scope

pthread_attr_getscope Syntax

pthread_attr_getscope Return Values

Setting the Thread Concurrency Level

pthread_setconcurrency Syntax

pthread_setconcurrency Return Values

Getting the Thread Concurrency Level

pthread_getconcurrency Syntax

pthread_getconcurrency Return Values

Setting the Scheduling Policy

pthread_attr_setschedpolicy(3C) Syntax

pthread_attr_setschedpolicy Return Values

Getting the Scheduling Policy

pthread_attr_getschedpolicy Syntax

pthread_attr_getschedpolicy Return Values

Setting the Inherited Scheduling Policy

pthread_attr_setinheritsched Syntax

pthread_attr_setinheritsched Return Values

Getting the Inherited Scheduling Policy

pthread_attr_getinheritsched Syntax

pthread_attr_getinheritsched Return Values

Setting the Scheduling Parameters

pthread_attr_setschedparam Syntax

pthread_attr_setschedparam Return Values

Getting the Scheduling Parameters

pthread_attr_getschedparam Syntax

Creating a Thread With a Specified Priority

Example of Creating a Prioritized Thread

pthread_attr_getschedparam Return Values

About Stacks

Allocating Stack Space for Threads

Building Your Own Stack

Setting the Stack Size

pthread_attr_setstacksize Syntax

pthread_attr_setstacksize Return Values

Getting the Stack Size

pthread_attr_getstacksize Syntax

pthread_attr_getstacksize Return Values

Setting the Stack Address and Size

pthread_attr_setstack(3C) Syntax

pthread_attr_setstack(3C) Return Values

Getting the Stack Address and Size

pthread_attr_getstack Syntax

pthread_attr_getstack Return Values

4.  Programming with Synchronization Objects

5.  Programming With the Oracle Solaris Software

6.  Programming With Oracle Solaris Threads

7.  Safe and Unsafe Interfaces

8.  Compiling and Debugging

9.  Programming Guidelines

A.  Extended Example: A Thread Pool Implementation


Chapter 3

Thread Attributes

The previous chapter covered the basics of threads creation using default attributes. This chapter discusses setting attributes at thread creation time.