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ONC+ Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to ONC+ Technologies

2.  Introduction to TI-RPC

3.  rpcgen Programming Guide

4.  Programmer's Interface to RPC

5.  Advanced RPC Programming Techniques

6.  Porting From TS-RPC to TI-RPC

7.  Multithreaded RPC Programming

8.  Extensions to the Oracle Solaris RPC Library

A.  XDR Technical Note

B.  RPC Protocol and Language Specification

Protocol Overview

RPC Model

Transports and Semantics

Binding and Rendezvous Independence

Program and Procedure Numbers

Program Number Assignment

Program Number Registration

Other Uses of the RPC Protocol


Broadcast RPC

RPC Message Protocol

Record-Marking Standard

Authentication Protocols




AUTH_DES Authentication

AUTH_DES Authentication Verifiers

Nicknames and Clock Synchronization

DES Authentication Protocol (in XDR language)

Diffie-Hellman Encryption

AUTH_KERB Authentication

NFS Mount Example

KERB Authentication Protocol

RPC Language Specification

Example Service Described in the RPC Language

RPCL Syntax

RPCL Enumerations

RPCL Constants

RPCL Type Definitions

RPCL Declarations

RPCL Simple Declarations

RPCL Fixed-Length Array Declarations

RPCL Variable-Length Array Declarations

RPCL Pointer Declarations

RPCL Structures

RPCL Unions

RPCL Programs

RPCL Special Cases

RPCL C-style Mode

RPCL Booleans

RPCL Strings

RPCL Opaque Data

RPCL Voids

rpcbind Protocol

rpcbind Operation

C.  XDR Protocol Specification

D.  RPC Code Examples

E.  portmap Utility



Appendix B

RPC Protocol and Language Specification

This appendix specifies a message protocol used in implementing the RPC package. The message protocol is specified with the XDR language. The companion appendix to this one is Appendix C, XDR Protocol Specification.

This appendix covers the following topics: