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STREAMS Programming Guide     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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Part I Application Programming Interface

1.  Overview of STREAMS

2.  STREAMS Application-Level Components

3.  STREAMS Application-Level Mechanisms

4.  Application Access to the STREAMS Driver and Module Interfaces

5.  STREAMS Administration

Administration Tools

Autopush Facility

Application Interface

Administration Tool Description

strace Command

strlog Command

strqget Command

strqset Command

strerr Daemon

6.  Pipes and Queues

Part II Kernel Interface

7.  STREAMS Framework - Kernel Level

8.  STREAMS Kernel-Level Mechanisms

9.  STREAMS Drivers

10.  STREAMS Modules

11.  Configuring STREAMS Drivers and Modules

12.  Multithreaded STREAMS

13.  STREAMS Multiplex Drivers

Part III Advanced Topics

14.  Debugging STREAMS-based Applications

Part IV Appendixes

A.  Message Types

B.  Kernel Utility Interface Summary

C.  STREAMS-Based Terminal Subsystem




Administration Tool Description

STREAMS error and trace loggers are provided for debugging and for administering STREAMS modules and drivers. This facility consists of log(7D), strace(1M), strclean(1M), strerr(1M), and the strlog(9F) function.

strace Command

strace(1M) is a utility that displays the messages in a specified STREAMS log. The log to display is identified by STREAMS module ID number, a sub-ID number, and the priority level.

strlog Command

strlog(9F) sends formatted text to log(7D) driver. Required definitions are contained in <sys/strlog.h> and <sys/log.h>. The call specifies the STREAMS module ID number, a sub-ID number, and the priority level. A flag parameter can specify any combination of:


The message is for the error logger


The message is for the tracer


Advisory notification of a fatal error


Modifies the SL_ERROR flag to request that a copy of the message be mailed to the system administrator


Log the message to the console


Warning message


Notice the message

The flags are followed by a printf(3C)-style format string, but %s, %e, %E, %g, and %G conversion specifications are not recognized. Up to NLOGARGS of numeric or character arguments can be specified.

strqget Command

strqget(9F) gets information about a queue or band of a queue. The information is returned in a long. The stream must be frozen by the caller when calling strqget.

strqset Command

strqset(9F) changes information about a queue or band of the queue. The updated information is provided in an int. If the field is read-only, EPERM is returned and the field is left unchanged. See <sys/stream.h> for valid values. The stream must be frozen by the caller when calling strqset(9F).

strerr Daemon

strerr(1M) is the STREAMS error logger daemon.