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Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 What's New     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  What's New in the Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Release

Installation Enhancements

iSCSI Target LUN Support

Network-Based Installation Support in Text Installer

Automatic Resolution of Package Dependencies in Text and GUI Installers

Live Upgrade Preserves the Dump Device Configuration

Live Upgrade Preflight Checker

System Administration Enhancements

Oracle Configuration Manager

Oracle Solaris Zones Preflight System Checker

Oracle VTS 7.0 Patch Set 15

pkgdep Command

x86: 64-bit: Fault Management for Oracle Intel Sandy Bridge-EP Platforms

x86: AMD Generic MCA Driver Support for AMD Family 15h Processors

Security Enhancements

64-bit: openssl Command

Password and Account Creation Behavior Is Optional

Networking Enhancement

SSH, SCP, and SFTP Speed Improvements

File System Enhancement

ZFS Features and Changes

Device Management Enhancement

x86: SATA Support for ATA Pass Through Commands

System Performance Enhancement

x86: AMD XOP and FMA Support

System Resources Enhancement

SPARC: 64-bit: Increased CRC32c Algorithm Performance in the iSCSI Initiator

Freeware Enhancements

Evince 2.30.3

GNU Make 3.82

GNU gettext Utility

GNU IDN Library

Ghostscript 9.00

gzip 1.4

Jakarta Tomcat 5.5

Lightning 1.0


Samba 3.6.8

Sendmail 8.14.5

Thunderbird 10 ESR

Firefox 10 ESR


New Device Support

x86: Support for the Xen Virtual Block Device in the xdf Driver

Support for New Device in the bnxe Driver

Driver Enhancements

SR-IOV Support for igbvf and igb Drivers

SR-IOV Support for the ixgbevf driver

sxge Driver Support

USB 3.0 Support

Additional Software Enhancements

SPARC: 64-bit: Memory DR Support on Migrated Domains

x86: Fault Proxy Between the Service Processor and Host

Fibre Channel Adapter Header Files

Additional Software Enhancements

This section describes additional software enhancements in this release.

SPARC: 64-bit: Memory DR Support on Migrated Domains

Starting with the Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 release, you can perform memory dynamic reconfiguration (DR) on migrated domains. This enhancement enables you to add new memory to the migrated guests without rebooting the guest domain.

For more information, see Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2 Administration Guide.

x86: Fault Proxy Between the Service Processor and Host

All faults identified by the Fault Management Architecture (FMA) on an Oracle Solaris host can be remotely viewed and managed from the service processor in the same way as with the local service processor faults. This feature enables users to view and manage proxy faults along with the local faults.

Note - This feature is available only on x86 platforms from Oracle such as Sun Fire X4170 M3 Server, Sun Fire X4270 M3 Server, and Sun Blade X6270 M3 Server.

Fibre Channel Adapter Header Files

The /usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/ directory now contains fibre channel header files. These are included to support development and deployment of third party fibre channel HBA interface drivers with Oracle Solaris 10.