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Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 What's New     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  What's New in the Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Release

Installation Enhancements

iSCSI Target LUN Support

Network-Based Installation Support in Text Installer

Automatic Resolution of Package Dependencies in Text and GUI Installers

Live Upgrade Preserves the Dump Device Configuration

Live Upgrade Preflight Checker

System Administration Enhancements

Oracle Configuration Manager

Oracle Solaris Zones Preflight System Checker

Oracle VTS 7.0 Patch Set 15

pkgdep Command

x86: 64-bit: Fault Management for Oracle Intel Sandy Bridge-EP Platforms

x86: AMD Generic MCA Driver Support for AMD Family 15h Processors

Security Enhancements

64-bit: openssl Command

Password and Account Creation Behavior Is Optional

Networking Enhancement

SSH, SCP, and SFTP Speed Improvements

File System Enhancement

ZFS Features and Changes

Device Management Enhancement

x86: SATA Support for ATA Pass Through Commands

System Performance Enhancement

x86: AMD XOP and FMA Support

System Resources Enhancement

SPARC: 64-bit: Increased CRC32c Algorithm Performance in the iSCSI Initiator

Freeware Enhancements

Evince 2.30.3

GNU Make 3.82

GNU gettext Utility

GNU IDN Library

Ghostscript 9.00

gzip 1.4

Jakarta Tomcat 5.5

Lightning 1.0


Samba 3.6.8

Sendmail 8.14.5

Thunderbird 10 ESR

Firefox 10 ESR


New Device Support

x86: Support for the Xen Virtual Block Device in the xdf Driver

Support for New Device in the bnxe Driver

Driver Enhancements

SR-IOV Support for igbvf and igb Drivers

SR-IOV Support for the ixgbevf driver

sxge Driver Support

USB 3.0 Support

Additional Software Enhancements

SPARC: 64-bit: Memory DR Support on Migrated Domains

x86: Fault Proxy Between the Service Processor and Host

Fibre Channel Adapter Header Files

Installation Enhancements

This section describes installation enhancements in this release.

iSCSI Target LUN Support

Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 now supports installation on an iSCSI LUN, for example a LUN provided by Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliances. For more information, see the article about configuring the Oracle Solaris iSCSI initiator at:

The following installation methods are supported:

This feature provides the following benefits:

For more information, see Chapter 4, Installing the Oracle Solaris 10 OS on an iSCSI Target Disk, in Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Installation Guide: Basic Installations.

Network-Based Installation Support in Text Installer

The text installer in Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 allows enabling a network-based installation when installing Oracle Solaris from a CD/DVD. The GUI installer has offered this option in previous Oracle Solaris releases, but not the text installer.

For those who do not set up a JumpStart infrastructure for hands on installations and are installing on older systems with slower DVD drives, the ability to boot from the install media and then switch to access the Oracle Solaris 10 packages from an NFS share may decrease the time to complete a hands on installation. In most cases, installing over NFS will be faster than reading from a local DVD drive.

Automatic Resolution of Package Dependencies in Text and GUI Installers

You can customize installations by choosing specific packages to add to the installation during the installation process. Prior to Oracle Solaris 10 1/13, individual packages could be specified to install, and if a selected package was dependent on other package or packages being installed, a warning was generated. The system administrator would then add the needed package or packages, and those too might generate warnings of their dependencies.

In Oracle Solaris 10 1/13, this iterative process has been dramatically simplified through a new option, Preserve, added to the Package Dependency Summary screen in the text and GUI installers. Selecting the Preserve option causes all the packages that satisfy dependencies of the specified package or packages to be installed, thus simplifying this customization process for the administrator.

The following figure shows the Preserve option in the text installer.

Figure 1-1 Preserve Option to Install Dependent Packages in Text Installer

image:Figure showing Preserve option in text installer.

Note - If you do not select the Preserve option, you can still install the packages without the dependent packages.

Live Upgrade Preserves the Dump Device Configuration

A new option, -P, has been added to the lucreate and lumake commands. The -P option preserves the dump device while creating or populating a boot environment.

In the previous Oracle Solaris releases, during a Live Upgrade, the dumpadm configuration is set to the default value in the new boot environment. A dedicated dump device should not be reset to the default configuration.

If you do not specify the -P option while creating or populating a boot environment device, the dump device will be set to the default configuration.

For more information, see the lucreate(1M) and lumake(1M) man pages.

Live Upgrade Preflight Checker

The Live Upgrade Preflight Checker tool, lupc(1M), enables you to detect system configuration issues that might cause a Live Upgrade (LU) operation to fail. You should run this tool before invoking the lucreate command to create the boot environment (BE).

Some of the sample checks that the Live Upgrade Preflight Checker tool performs are as follows:

For more information, see the lucreate(1M) man page.