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Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Installation Guide: Basic Installations     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Planning for a Oracle Solaris Installation From CD or DVD Media (Tasks)

2.  Installing With the Oracle Solaris Installation Program For UFS File Systems (Tasks)

3.  Installing With the Oracle Solaris Interactive Text Installer for ZFS Root Pools (Planning and Tasks)

4.  Installing the Oracle Solaris 10 OS on an iSCSI Target Disk

iSCSI Installation (Overview)

Hardware and Firmware Requirements

iSCSI Configuration and Installation

Supported SPARC Systems

Creating And Configuring an iSCSI Target

Configuring iSCSI Parameters

How to Configure iSCSI Parameters on the Initiator (Text Interactive Method)

Configuring iSCSI Parameters: JumpStart Installation Method

(Example) Preparing a Target and Associating a Target With an Initiator

How to Prepare the Target for Oracle Solaris 10 Installation

How to Associate a Target With the Initiator

How to Clear CHAP Settings on an iSCSI Target


Chapter 4

Installing the Oracle Solaris 10 OS on an iSCSI Target Disk

This chapter explains the process of installing the Oracle Solaris 10 OS on an iSCSI target and the different methods available for iSCSI installation.

This chapter covers the following topics: