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Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Installation Guide: Basic Installations     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Planning for a Oracle Solaris Installation From CD or DVD Media (Tasks)

System Requirements and Recommendations

Oracle Solaris Installation Program GUI or Text Installer Requirements

General Disk Space Planning and Recommendations

Disk Space Recommendations for Software Groups

Checklist for Installation

Where to Find Additional Installation Information

2.  Installing With the Oracle Solaris Installation Program For UFS File Systems (Tasks)

3.  Installing With the Oracle Solaris Interactive Text Installer for ZFS Root Pools (Planning and Tasks)

4.  Installing the Oracle Solaris 10 OS on an iSCSI Target Disk


Chapter 1

Planning for a Oracle Solaris Installation From CD or DVD Media (Tasks)

This chapter describes the preparations for completing a successful installation, including the sections described below. The following chapter describes each step in an installation for SPARC systems and an installation for x86 systems.

Note - This book uses the term slice, but some Oracle Solaris documentation and programs might refer to a slice as a partition. To avoid confusion, this book distinguishes between fdisk partitions (which are supported only in Oracle Solaris for x86 based systems) and the divisions within the fdisk partition, which might be called slices or partitions.