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Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Oracle Solaris ZFS File System (Introduction)

2.  Getting Started With Oracle Solaris ZFS

3.  Managing Oracle Solaris ZFS Storage Pools

4.  Installing and Booting an Oracle Solaris ZFS Root File System

5.  Managing Oracle Solaris ZFS File Systems

6.  Working With Oracle Solaris ZFS Snapshots and Clones

7.  Using ACLs and Attributes to Protect Oracle Solaris ZFS Files

8.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Delegated Administration

9.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Advanced Topics

10.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Troubleshooting and Pool Recovery

Identifying ZFS Problems

Resolving General Hardware Problems

Identifying Hardware and Device Faults

System Reporting of ZFS Error Messages

Identifying Problems With ZFS Storage Pools

Determining If Problems Exist in a ZFS Storage Pool

Reviewing zpool status Output

Overall Pool Status Information

ZFS Storage Pool Configuration Information

ZFS Storage Pool Scrubbing Status

ZFS Data Corruption Errors

Resolving ZFS Storage Device Problems

Resolving a Missing or Removed Device

Resolving a Removed Device

Physically Reattaching a Device

Notifying ZFS of Device Availability

Replacing or Repairing a Damaged Device

Determining the Type of Device Failure

Clearing Transient Device Errors

Replacing a Device in a ZFS Storage Pool

Determining If a Device Can Be Replaced

Devices That Cannot be Replaced

Replacing a Device in a ZFS Storage Pool

Viewing Resilvering Status

Resolving ZFS File System Problems

Resolving Data Problems in a ZFS Storage Pool

Checking ZFS File System Integrity

File System Repair

File System Validation

Controlling ZFS Data Scrubbing

Explicit ZFS Data Scrubbing

ZFS Data Scrubbing and Resilvering

Corrupted ZFS Data

Resolving ZFS Space Issues

ZFS File System Space Reporting

ZFS Storage Pool Space Reporting

Repairing Damaged Data

Identifying the Type of Data Corruption

Repairing a Corrupted File or Directory

Repairing Corrupted Data With Multiple Block References

Repairing ZFS Storage Pool-Wide Damage

Repairing a Damaged ZFS Configuration

Repairing an Unbootable System

11.  Recommended Oracle Solaris ZFS Practices

A.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Version Descriptions


Repairing a Damaged ZFS Configuration

ZFS maintains a cache of active pools and their configuration in the root file system. If this cache file is corrupted or somehow becomes out of sync with configuration information that is stored on disk, the pool can no longer be opened. ZFS tries to avoid this situation, though arbitrary corruption is always possible given the qualities of the underlying storage. This situation typically results in a pool disappearing from the system when it should otherwise be available. This situation can also manifest as a partial configuration that is missing an unknown number of top-level virtual devices. In either case, the configuration can be recovered by exporting the pool (if it is visible at all) and re-importing it.

For information about importing and exporting pools, see Migrating ZFS Storage Pools.