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Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Oracle Solaris ZFS File System (Introduction)

2.  Getting Started With Oracle Solaris ZFS

3.  Managing Oracle Solaris ZFS Storage Pools

4.  Installing and Booting an Oracle Solaris ZFS Root File System

5.  Managing Oracle Solaris ZFS File Systems

6.  Working With Oracle Solaris ZFS Snapshots and Clones

7.  Using ACLs and Attributes to Protect Oracle Solaris ZFS Files

8.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Delegated Administration

Overview of ZFS Delegated Administration

Disabling ZFS Delegated Permissions

Delegating ZFS Permissions

Delegating ZFS Permissions (zfs allow)

Removing ZFS Delegated Permissions (zfs unallow)

Delegating ZFS Permissions (Examples)

Displaying ZFS Delegated Permissions (Examples)

Removing ZFS Delegated Permissions (Examples)

9.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Advanced Topics

10.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Troubleshooting and Pool Recovery

11.  Recommended Oracle Solaris ZFS Practices

A.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Version Descriptions


Displaying ZFS Delegated Permissions (Examples)

You can use the following command to display permissions:

# zfs allow dataset

This command displays permissions that are set or allowed on the specified dataset. The output contains the following components:

Example 8-6 Displaying Basic Delegated Administration Permissions

The following output indicates that user cindy has create, destroy, mount, snapshot permissions on the tank/cindy file system.

# zfs allow tank/cindy
       Local+Descendent permissions on (tank/cindy)
               user cindy create,destroy,mount,snapshot

Example 8-7 Displaying Complex Delegated Administration Permissions

The output in this example indicates the following permissions on the pool/fred and pool file systems.

For the pool/fred file system:

For the pool file system:

Here is the output for this example:

$ zfs allow pool/fred
---- Permissions on pool/fred ----------------------------------------
Permission sets:
        @eng create,destroy,snapshot,mount,clone,promote,rename
        @simple create,mount
Create time permissions:
Local permissions:
        user tom @eng
        user joe create,destroy,mount
Local+Descendent permissions:
        user fred @basic,share,rename
        user barney @basic
        group staff @basic
---- Permissions on pool ---------------------------------------------
Permission sets:
        @simple create,destroy,mount
Local permissions:
        group staff @simple