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Configuration for Oracle Tuxedo System Administration

This chapter contains the following topics:


Creating a Profile for a Oracle Tuxedo Administrative Group

To set the group ID correctly for members of an administrative group, you must set up a group profile. A group profile is the same as a user profile except that the group ID number is set to a numeric value. Each user's profile can then refer (in the group profile field) to the group profile name.

For example, consider the user and group profiles for an administrator named Joe with a login ID of joe:

If user joe runs the id utility as follows.

call id

then the following output is displayed on the screen.

uid = 6494, euid = 6494, gid = 601, egid = 601

User profiles and group profiles can be set up with the CRTUSRPRF command.


Granting Special Authority

The user profile for an administrator must include *JOBCTL special authority. This special authorization allows the Oracle Tuxedo system to bypass some security checks when it is trying to verify the state of the following:

Without this authorization, the Oracle Tuxedo system fails to do the following:

You can add this authorization to your user profile by adding *JOBCTL to the Special Authority (SPCAUT) list. To do so, complete the following tasks:


Setting the Correct Time Offset

In order for the Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console to work properly, the system variable QUTCOFFSET must be properly set. Use the wrksysval command to specify the offset (in hours and minutes) between the current system time and the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), also known as Greenwich mean time. For example, in the Eastern Standard Time time zone, QUTCOFFSET should be set to +4 hours.

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