Package com.bea.campaign

Interface Summary
Campaign The runtime definition of a campaign.
CampaignConstants Deprecated Use ejb-refs instead.
CampaignInfo A data structure that contains the basic display information for a campaign.
CampaignService EJB object interface for the CampaignService session EJB.
CampaignServiceHome EJB home interface for the CampaignService session EJB.
Goal The public interface of a campaign goal.
Scenario A scenario's runtime definition.
ScenarioContainer A container for an execution of a scenario.
ScenarioInfo The display information of a scenario.
ScenarioService The EJB object interface of the scenario service.
ScenarioServiceHome The interface for the home of the ScenarioService EJB.
ServiceLocator A helper interface for an object which can locate services.

Class Summary
AdCountGoal A goal based upon ad counts.
AddAdToPlaceholderAction Action implementation to add an Ad query to the users placeholder.
AdTracking Helper class for posting events related to ads and campaigns.
CampaignProduct Product information for WebLogic Campaign Server.
EndStateAction An action which supports marking a user as done in a campaign/scenario.
ScenarioHelper Utility helper class for campaigns and scenarios.
ShoppingCartAttributeLoader A p13n request attribute loader which will load the ShoppingCart into the p13n request.

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