Class NameTranslator

  extended by

public class NameTranslator
extends Object

This utility translates names between CMIS queryName and VCR names. The translation (encoding) is reversible and utilizes a namespacing scheme (colon separated names).
Encoding is only done on characters which may present a problem to the query parser, namely: space, tab, period, comma, double-quote, backslash, parenthesis, asterick, less than, greater than, equals. Also, since a colon has special significance in our namespacing, it is also encoded. The encoding scheme is similar to how special characters (newline, tab, etc) are encoded in a java string (as with \n and \t). We use the ! character as an escape, with the following mapping:

Method Summary
static String decodeName(String queryName)
static String encodeName(String name)
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Method Detail


public static String encodeName(String name)


public static String decodeName(String queryName)

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