Class NestedProperty

  extended by
      extended by

public class NestedProperty
extends BaseCMISResource

Resource for viewing the nested properties of an indexed multivalued container or single valued container. E.g. If the indexed container property is: address[0], then the displayed nested properties would be address[0].street, address[0].zip, etc. If a MV container isn't specified as indexed, then the first index will be assumed. E.g. If address is specified, then address[0] will be assumed.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 com.bea.content.schema.cmis.atom.EntryType getNestedProperty(String id)
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Constructor Detail


public NestedProperty()
Method Detail


public com.bea.content.schema.cmis.atom.EntryType getNestedProperty(String id)
                                                             throws RepositoryException

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