Interface IFullTextSearch

public interface IFullTextSearch

This is an interface that currently does not have any method in its body. It is to be used for WLP repositories only . Users should use factory class FullTextSearchFactory to create an instance of IFullTextSearch, and then pass it to Search constrcutor to eventually create a search instance.

Here is a full example:

     IMetadataQuery mQuery = FullTextQueryFactory.getMetadataQuery();
     ITextQuery tQuery = FullTextQueryFactory.getTextQuery();
     String textString = "winter";
     ITextQueryParameter textCriteria = tQuery.buildEquals(textString);
     String metaDataString = "Nederland";
     IMetadataQueryParameter metadataCriteria = mQuery.buildContains("*", new String[]{metaDataString});
     IFullTextSearch expression = FullTextSearchFactory.buildFullTextSearch(metadataCriteria, textCriteria, true);
     String repositoryPath = "/MyRepository";
     Search search = new Search(repositoryPath, -1, null, expression, true);
     ISearchManager searchManager = ContentManagerFactory.getSearchManager();

     ContentContext cc = new ContentContext();
     cc.setParameter(ContentListKeys.BATCH_LOADING_SIZE_KEY, 100);
     ISortableFilterablePagedList results =, search);


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