Interface ExtendedTicket

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Serializable, Ticket

Deprecated As of 10.2, replaced by Ticket. The SPI interfaces in the com.bea.content.spi package have all been deprecated as of 10.2. Oracle does not intend to remove these interfaces during the next major release of WebLogic Portal. However, please note that new development should take place using the com.bea.content.spi.flexspi interfaces going forward. The methods in this interface are replaced by IExtensible.getAllInterfaces() and IExtensible.getInterface(String).

public interface ExtendedTicket
extends Ticket

The Extended Ticket interface allows users to use the extended functionality present In the content management system.

Method Summary
 WorkflowOps getWorkflowOps()
          Deprecated Return WorkflowOps that will service the repository.
Methods inherited from interface com.bea.content.spi.Ticket
getNodeOps, getObjectClassOps, getSearchOps

Method Detail


WorkflowOps getWorkflowOps()
Return WorkflowOps that will service the repository.

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