Package com.bea.content.spi.flexspi.common

Interface Summary
CommonContextKeys Common context keys which can be used in SPI method invocations.
IFilterCriteria query filter criteria
IQueryCriteria query criteria
ISortCriteria query sort criteria
ISPIMarker Marker for SPI interfaces.
ISPIRepositoryMarker Marker for SPI Repository interfaces (found in the .flexspi.repository package).
ISPITicketMarker Marker for SPI Ticket interfaces (found in the .flexspi.ticket package).

Class Summary
FilterCriteria query filter criteria
InvocationParameters A class to hold implicit invocation parameters as a ContentContext object.
QueryCriteria query sort criteria
QueryResult<T> query results
SortCriteria query sort criteria
SPIDescriptionKeys List of SPI description keys.
SPIRepositoryInterfaces List of SPI interfaces.
SPITicketInterfaces List of SPI interfaces.

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