Interface ObjectClassOpsV2

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ISPIMarker, ISPITicketMarker, ObjectClassOpsV1, Serializable

public interface ObjectClassOpsV2
extends ObjectClassOpsV1

ObjectClassOps is a Ticket interface for Node Type (ObjectClass) CRUD operations.

It is used to manage ObjectClasses as well as their PropertyDefinitions and PropertyChoices. Each ObjectClass may contain 0 or more PropertyDefinitions and each PropertyDefinition may contain 0 or more PropertyChoices.

All ObjectClasses, PropertyDefinitions and PropertyChoices are uniquely identified through their ID. The ID must contain the uid, unless the operation is a create then the uid should be null, since it has not yet been created.

The repository implementation may have more specific validation rules than that defined above. If a repository considers an attempted operation invalid, it must throw a RepositoryException.

For additional rules see com.bea.content.PropertyDefinition.

Nested Class Summary
static class ObjectClassOpsV2.MethodName
Method Summary
 QueryResult<ObjectClass> getInstantiableObjectClassesWithQueryCriteria(QueryCriteria queryCriteria)
          Retrieve all of the instantiable ObjectClasses available in the content repository which meet the specified query criteria.
Methods inherited from interface com.bea.content.spi.flexspi.ticket.ObjectClassOpsV1
createObjectClass, createPropertyDefinition, deleteObjectClass, deletePropertyDefinition, getAllObjectClasses, getChildObjectClasses, getNativeFilterableProperties, getNativeSortableProperties, getObjectClassesWithQueryCriteria, getObjectClassWithId, getObjectClassWithName, getPropertyChoiceBytes, getPropertyDefinition, getPropertyDefinitions, renameObjectClass, save, updatePropertyDefinition

Method Detail


QueryResult<ObjectClass> getInstantiableObjectClassesWithQueryCriteria(QueryCriteria queryCriteria)
                                                                       throws RepositoryException
Retrieve all of the instantiable ObjectClasses available in the content repository which meet the specified query criteria.

queryCriteria - - The query criteria for this operation
ObjectClass[] - an array of all instantiable ObjectClasses, an empty array if none are currently defined.
AuthorizationException - - if the user attempting the operation is not authorized to perform it.

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