Package com.bea.netuix.application.view

Interface Summary
BookView The book view represents a book and all its contents.
CategoryView View superclass for a category.
DesktopView The Desktop View is the highest level View object.
LayoutView The Layout view contains all the Page's Portlets and Books and the information needed to organize these object on the user's screen.
LookAndFeelView View class for a look-and-feel.
MarkupBasedView View superclass for types that support markup.
MarkupView View class for markup.
MenuView View class for a menu.
NavigableView View class for a navigable, which is either a book or a page.
PageView The page view represents a page and all its contents.
ParentView A type of view that can contain Pages, Books or Portlets and supports methods for recursively searching them.
PlaceableView View class for a placeable, which is either a book or a portlet.
PlaceholderView View class for a placeholder.
PortalView View class for a portal.
PortletCategoryView View class for a portlet category.
PortletView View class for a portlet.
ProxiedEntityView View of an entity that has been created from a remote representation of a similar entity.
ShellView View class for a shell.
ThemedMarkupBasedView View superclass for portal elements that can have themes.
ThemeView View class for a theme.
View "Views" are deep copy immutable objects.

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