Class FooterPresentationContext

  extended by com.bea.netuix.servlets.controls.ControlContext
      extended by com.bea.netuix.servlets.controls.PresentationContext
          extended by com.bea.netuix.servlets.controls.application.FooterPresentationContext
All Implemented Interfaces
ResponseHeaderAdder, Serializable

public class FooterPresentationContext
extends PresentationContext

This class represents a portal footer component. All presentation-related attributes of a footer component are available from instances of this class. Such instances are typically used during portal rendering via look and feel skeleton files (e.g. footer.jsp).

See Also
getFooterPresentationContext(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest), Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected static String CLASS_NAME
Method Summary
static FooterPresentationContext getFooterPresentationContext(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
          This is a convenience method for returning a reference to the optional FooterPresentationContext.
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Field Detail


protected static final String CLASS_NAME


public static final String FOOTER_CONTEXT_KEY
The key into the request that the context is stored.

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Constants Summary
Method Detail


public static FooterPresentationContext getFooterPresentationContext(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
This is a convenience method for returning a reference to the optional FooterPresentationContext. Note this method will only work if called from within a portal (typically, from the footer.jsp skeleton). This method may return null if called when no appropriate context exists, but such a context should safely exist when being fetched from the associated skeleton JSP during normal portal rendering.

request - The current HTTPServletRequest instance
A reference to the current FooterPresentationContext, if any

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