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public interface AsynchronousCacheReloader
extends CacheReloader

A tagging interface to support CacheReloaders that should be run asynchronously (in the background). When an expired object with an AsynchronousCacheReloader is fetched from the cache, a background thread is queued to run the reload() method of the CacheReloader. The old value is returned from the cache until the reload() method in the background thread finishes. The same non-blocking behavior is seen when the ReloadableCache.reload() method is called explicitly (that is, it spawns a backtround thread and returns immediately without waiting). The advantage of this is that your cached objects can be reloaded (based on TTL expiration) without blocking the user's thread. So it might be useful in cases where the rebuilding of the cached object is expensive. The disadvantage is that it can starve your server for threads, if overused.

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CacheReloader, ReloadableCache

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